Same Sex Marriage and Christian Ethics

At the core of everything, I have yet to meet a gay or lesbian person who didn't want to be loved Who didn't want to be accepted Who didn't want to be like Like there's nothing more painful.

Even looking back over my four years here The things that definitely hurt the worse were just like, like my freshman year my entire hall just stopped talking to me after I came out Like stuff like that at the end of the day I believe that humans are built to be in community with one another I think that thats like what the core of the Church should be That at the end of the day We belong to each other and we belong to God I think that we get really caught up in the belonging to God part that we act like we're doing all of these things great but at the end of the day we've forgotten that we belong to each other too we've forgotten about that like if the people in your congregation are hurting If the people sitting next to you in our pews are hurting Then you're not doing your job You're not doing it right and especially if you're the one inflicting that pain on them Then we've got a real problem Then we're back to like ground zero we need to like start over We have turned them into the "other" and we've actually excluded them from God's very obviously inclusive Kingdom Christian people need to meet people where they are and we're not doing that we're just holding a standard over their head and that's not fair because everybody starts at a different place especially if you hold them up to all the same other you know kinda sexual morals that we hold everyone else up to they should all be loved and accepted like everyone else "Love your neighbor, and love God" you know like its not like, "Love your neighbor, except for the homosexuals" its not, "love God and but don't love everyone" no its "love God and love your neighbor" whose your neighbor? Every single person.

and like as Pastor Albert Tate would say, "Give grace grace" Because you've done things to that other people will take like they will be offended by and that's not okay for you to judge somebody else and not receive that same type of judgement A deontological framework of ethics is the essential dimension to the same sex marriage debate because Scripture is given supreme authority in Christianity The Christian strand of deontological ethics falls into the category of divine command theory Which sources its standards of moral obligations based on the commands of God The dilemma between same-sex marriage and Christianity lies within the conflicting commands of God to hold true to the Biblical tradition of marriage and Jesus' commands to front love toward others and leave judgment to God On Friday, June 26th, 2015.

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