Supporters, detractors speak out about gay marriage potentially becoming legal in Florida

Come early January, same-sex marriage will be legal in the state of Florida. A federal appeals court is refusing to extend a ruling that keeps the state ban in place.

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Attorney General Pam Bondi asked for that stay while she battled several other rulings, which called the ban unconstitutional.

Action News spoke with people both for and against the measure to get a sense of the impact the change could have on the state.

When a federal appeals court ruled a “stay” in the state’s gay marriage ban that will be lifted after Jan. 5, Jessica Osborn with Equality Florida said it was a civil rights “win.”

“We feel happy, we’re excited, you know and this is a very huge deal for us, the closest we’ve ever gotten to marriage equality,” said Osborn.

But not everyone agrees. Biblical Concepts Ministries in Jacksonville said the move is a step in the wrong direction, releasing this statement: “We think this decision will have a negative spiritual and cultural effect on Florida, specifically on children and families.”

Supporters say children and families are two of the reasons they want gay marriage to become legal.

“We’re just families that really care about equality and we just want to be respected and loved just like anybody else,” Osborn said.

For now, gay and lesbian couples in Florida are counting down to early January when Florida could join 35 other states that legally allow same sex marriages.

“Another step forward towards full marriage equality for the country,” Osborn said.

Action News will continue to stay on top of this developing story and will provide updates if anything changes