1,500 New Egyptian Officers Show Off Their Six-Packs In The ‘World’s Gayest Parade’


A video of Egypt’s newest police officers flexing their muscles and showing off their six-packs during their graduation ceremony has gone viral.

In the clip widely shared on social media, more than 1,500 shirtless officers can be seen leaping through rings of fire and towing an SUV at the premises of the Police Academy in New Cairo on Friday, reports The Sun.

To impress their dictator, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the cadets split into teams, with some officers somersaulting over a rack of sharp spikes.

During the parade, the shredded officers showed off their six-packs as they posed on a moving trailer.

At the end of the ceremony, el-Sisi congratulated the new officers and greeted their families, saying “they prepared their sons and devoted them to the country to defend us.”

Twitter users compared the ceremony to a Pride parade while others said it looked like a circus show.

One wrote: “No, this is not a gay pride but the closing ceremony of the Egyptian police academy.”

A second said: “That’s probably the most gay thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

LGBT activist and actor George Takei noted: “For a terrifyingly homophobic and dangerously anti-LGBT government in Egypt, this screams pretty gay.”

Author Mona Eltahawy tweeted: “The more they undress, the more #Egyptian men are celebrated for virility, masculinity, strength. These are students of the Police Academy on display on Thursday for our fascist dictator Sisi, whose regime has been arresting women for dancing and singing, fully clothed, on TikTok.”


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