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  1. The dead senator Robert Byrd said that gay marriages fly in the face of bible pages and some histories or something, whatever. I can only laugh. I'm not even mad. Anti-gay rhetoric is pure comedy. 

  2. Thanks for this. Crying over the Matthew Shepherd story. Thank you ship much for this. Hope you do this for the 2000s, 2010s, arms so on.

  3. Really well-done compilation.  I'm curious; did you run across any news items about the impact of the new drug cocktails that became available in the mid-90s and turned the tide on AIDS?

  4. We all know that anal rape of young boys is your legal right.  Did you see the Movie "Capturing the Freidmans"  it exposes the homosexual rape of ten year old young boys by two Gay Jews.  Long Island police railroaded two Jewish men into jail. One died.   Shouldn't you gays demonstrate outside of Jails knowing that anal rape of young boys is your legal right. 

  5. Who condemns love and kinds and supports anger and hate in the name of thy God? Who casts harm in the name of thy God?
      Do unto others as you would have them do unto you for that is the whole Law.  Many will say to Me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?' "And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.'

  6. I love gay people! They kept their sense of self and great humor in spite of a history of unspeakable discrimination, rejection and mockery by society as a whole. Sometimes, struggle can make people more compassionate, resilient, kind and creative. Gay people are going to be the next cool thing in the world.

  7. I'm curious – who took these rights away in the first place?

    Was it the politicians who voted on marriage for gays who took them away, and then, had a change of heart on June 26, 2015? Why do LGBT individuals need to seek permission from politicians in order for them to be 'given' their natural human rights? Are we slaves that need permission? Or did government get LGBT people to falsely believe that they needed permission to be free?

  8. I'm pride of those people that could have gotten right human vote for equality Gay and Lesbian. As I am Gay as I can live in peace here in the United States:)


  10. They can spread the incurable hiv virus? Does that means they will wanna enter the gays for it, so if I'm negative would that be okay? so they are afraid? Which one is it, don't claim ignorance its apparent.

  11. These people were fighting for their very lives in the early 90's, as the Aids epidemic grew worse and the government did nothing to address it and help cure it ! This video is from a long tome ago, (1990), and that was quite a different time, 26 years ago. Back then, homophobia was rampant and they talk here about discharging gays from the military, demanding they pay back their educational costs, people were closeted and afraid to stand-up and be counted back then. Living in constant fear and shame….any wonder why ?  My how times have changed ! Today, we have legal same-sex marriage in every state and the increasing visibility of homosexuals and their protections under the law can only be a good thing…..for all Americans !

  12. Remember the 1990's very well. That's when I came of age and came out in the late 90's. Back then coming out openly could be deadly which almost happened to me.

  13. "Gays will be able to serve within a few years"
    Turns out it was almost 2 fucking decades until gays were allowed to serve in the armed forces.
    Proof of the lying American government.

  14. Where are my fellow 90's brothers and sisters these millennials will never understand the 90's and how everything that was made for us was gold! From movies like terminator 2 , pulp fiction, and snatch, to the very best best of nickalodeon, we had playstation 1, which started the greatest era in gaming, we didn't play online with strangers, we played the first mortal kombat with our friends, we subscribed to underground magazine which gave us a demo of upcoming ps1 games, inside of the magazine!
    While u millenials play games on ur cell phones during lunch break we played golden eye on Nintendo 64, we had the very first computers, and our ears would ring to the sound of our 56k modems connecting through our america online instant messenger praying to hear "youve got mail" we had arguably next to the 80's the greatest era.of music in all freaking genres! That u millenials have still never heard, we didn't have a buncha of our friends hugging trees to gather around and save the ocean' we gathered around at discovery zone and hugged our moms , then went home to watch total request live , u guys got 3 bad Jurassic park movies, we had the first and greatest one, we didn't have call of duty we had Sega channel, we didn't have high speed internet we had speeds that kept us glued to our computers all nite patiently watching our songs get downloaded , we 90's kids didn't have cell phones.with 1000s of songs on the go, we were pirating music through napster, ,We had the first and only saddamm Hussain axis of evil collectible gulf war deck of cards , we didn't have laptops, we had Texas instrument calculators, , everything from Tommy Hilfiger, to fubu, to the rise of Steve madden shoes,, to the fall of john gotti , we got to wait in line for 2pac albums, we didn't have viral videos, the very first viral video we saw. was the rodney king beating ,,we witnessed a white rapper named eminem and his hilarious rise to fame, black men wernt getting murdered every day either,, they were getting acquitted of double homocide of white victims which brought us the greatest most entertaining murder trial
    Ever of oj Simpson and getting found not guilty , we saw the greatest basketball player to ever play the sport Micheal Jordan…live! And the greatest era of the wwe where we would wait patiently every Monday night for stone cold to woop some ass on Monday night raw we didn't go home and binge watch Netflix we went home at exactly the exact time our favorite shows started, we had it all in the 90,'s Saturday morning xmen, darkwing duck, beavis n butthead , ren and stimpy, are you afraid of the dark, the very first teen shows like 90210 to the greatest show about nothing SEINFELD we started web forums of the very first truthers movment with shows like the xfiles, we 90's kids didn't have mp3 players we had cd players we would take to school with a stack of our favorite music. Not to mention the fact that when we went to nirvana or limp biscuit concerts or even Micheal Jackson concerts we had our eyes glued to the performers, we wernt watching the concert through our non existent cell phones, ahhhhhh the 90's what a time
    Best of all things Disney from lion king to toy story, to Aladdin , then 2001 came ,brought war, shitty music, and more war, terrorism, more problems in the world, ..sucks 4 u millenials the 90's was a time of innocence for us we were to excited for what we had at the time to care about anything serious ……did I mention Mike Tyson ppv's?…u guys wouldn't understand lol

  15. Just ~25 years ago. The military has adjusted somewhat, but the barriers are still there to higher ranking officers. The old guard will have to retire before more acceptance is common, probably 10 more years from now

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