20 pics of hot Instagays dealing with the heatwave in the UK


20 pics of hot Instagays dealing with the heatwave in the UK

Enjoying the sun | Photo: Christopher Campbell, Unsplash

As someone currently stuck in an office in London, let me tell you one thing: AHHHHHHHH! It’s so hot! It’s 38C and everything is melting!

This entire country is built from the ground up for winter. So imagine the heat in a country like Spain or Australia but in fully insulated buildings and absolutely no breeze. Not only is the world ending by uncontrolled climate change —

(this is what happens when the world is 1 degree Celsius hotter than pre-industrial levels – we could reach 2C in the next thirty years, unless we pressure our politicians to take the climate crisis seriously!

Only 100 companies produce 71% of the world’s carbon emissions, meaning limiting the climate change-causing emissions is a problem we can actually solve, as long as we act collectively; it’s so hot that currently the arctic is on fire – with an intensity so strong you can see it from space – but that’s not the only problem: dramatic climate change will result in more freak weather incidents, so expect hurricanes to become more devastating as the planet heats up; it’s also responsible for the destruction of large swathes of environment, which could lead to 1 million different species of animal going extinct; food will also become harder to produce: even if global climate change is limited to 2C, harvests like corn could decrease by 18% – a problem when the world’s population is getting larger.

Badger your MP or representative in your government, lobby companies, remind all your friends and family of the destruction being inflicted on our world at any chance you can until everyone starts taking the problem seriously; this is an issue we have to shout and care about every single day, it should be the defining issue of our time, not Trump or Brexit – climate change is here, it’s getting worse and it will make the world worse; not just for us, but for everyone coming after us; do we really want to be responsible for the coming hell world?)

— everyone is moaning about it too.

However, the Keep Calm and Carry On spirit of Great Britain still exists. It’s just not so much ‘calm’ as it is ‘everyone is going to get absolutely blind drunk the moment they finish work’. And no one is quite as resilient as the Instagay.

British Instagays are dealing with the weather the only way they know how: stripping off and posting on social media. Here’s a picture of the hottest guys, incredibly hot, on the hottest day of the year.

Instagays in the nation’s park

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Summer nights 😍

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Sometimes all you need is the earth💜🌍

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Out and about in the hell city: London

Chilling in the gardens

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34 degrees today 🔥☀️

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Or desperately trying to stay cool inside

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This weather is having my life ☀️😅

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On the beach (including the UK’s most famous nudist beach, Studland…)

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