35 Comments on “21 Epic Same-Sex Wedding Proposals That Will Make You Cry”

  1. I'm a gay boy my parents hate homos and I'm part of a catholic organization, yes they hate homosexuals. Every meeting,every seminars, I hate it how like they talk about god loves everyone, god made no mistakes, god made everybody equal, and then hate homosexuals?
    And even our bishops approve to that. That is why I joined, learning about them, reading the bible.
    Even I have to pretend everyday, just a small sacrifice to destroy them all, to shame, to prove once and for all they are idiots.

  2. Ewwww two people who love each other and want to show that commitment through marriage to show people how much they love each other. Disgusting o:<

  3. As somebody that used to be homophobic, and very very scared of their own sexuality, I am very happy to say that I cannot help but smile and cry when I see this kind of stuff. It is so wholesome. ❤

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