6 RuPaul Sketches That Snatched Our Wigs on “SNL”


Live from New York, it was RuPaul!

Last night the Emmy-winning RuPaul’s Drag Race host sissied that walk to Studio 8H at 30 Rockefeller Center to host Saturday Night Live for the first time. Needless to say, he came to play and slay.

No SNL episode is ever perfect, but these bits were winners, baby.

  1. “Old New York Show”

    Enter RuPaul as an old queen named Tarry Teats, a Broadway usher and unemployed shoe critic. Sure, why not?

  2. “Monologue”

    Hello, hello, hello! Wait, some folks still aren’t familiar with Drag Race? Ru breaks down basic drag lingo before sharing some inspirational life lessons. He also explains why he’s not in drag: “Trust, I am wearing my grandmother’s panties for good luck.”

  3. “Thirsty Cops”

    The thirst is real for Ru, Ego Nwodim, and Kate McKinnon as cops playfully harassing Pete Davidson’s perp during a traffic stop that’s anything but routine. Oh, he’s an organ donor? “Well, don’t just give it away,” Ru says. “Make me work for it!”

  4. “Check-Splitting”

    We don’t deserve Ru and Cecily Strong as dueling Designing Women Dixie Carters at a work lunch. Just so you know, and so your children will know, this premise is truly inspired.

  5. “Chad & RuPaul”

    Is Davidson’s recurring slacker character the future of drag? Can a dude with that much BDE properly tuck his junk in the trunk? No and no. “Some horses were born to run wild,” Ru says in the pre-taped sketch.

  6. “The Library”

    The library is open! Officially. Ru, again playing himself, takes Drag Queen Story Hour to the next level, teaching the children how to read bitches to filth. Why you look so orange, Very Hungry Caterpillar? Girl, bye.

Which gag had you gagged?


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