12 Comments on “70 Years Of the Gay Rights Movement, from Stonewall to DADT to DOMA | AARP”

  1. this isn't Sumers post. I am her mother,so don't freak out.Sumer is only a 15yr.old child. I say this whole gay marriage thig is up to the person. But I will say that I feel sorry for all of them,For the Lord said"my people are dying for lack of knowlege" in Him. The day will come where we all will be judged.hell is for real people the lake of fire is real.I only wish that people would relize this one day before it's to late….

  2. I am very proud of AARP for this video. This is a very touching video. I feel I was most moved by Melvin and his story, he was also extremely attractive as a young man. As bad as I feel the LGBT community is mistreated today, I couldn't imagine living in his time, it must have been a true nightmare. God Bless those in this video.

  3. Very moving video. Thank u so very much. I lost my partner of 20 years to an IED in Iraq before dadt was repealed. I learned of his death after his funeral as his family who hated us sued me for half of what we owned and had saved. They won and I went into bankruptcy. I now work with homeless LGBTQ youth who like me were thrown out of their homes by good Christian parents I was 15. So I don't care what the Bible says and it is not a religious freedom to discriminate. Shame on those who treat us Luke 2nd class citizens. We are just as much a part of We the People and just as much an American as any of you are. Equality Now!!

  4. The way to legalize immorality, is to change the definition of what's always been immoral – to moral, by the crocodile tears of the immoral. The objective? … gain enough sympathy and play victim with unrelenting appeal, and you can get anything you want from those lacking in principles.

  5. Cool video. Thanks for sharing. I just came across an up & coming musician that's worth checking out… Mikey Wax… YouTube his song "Love Always Wins". Really good stuff.

  6. I hope you do a follow-up to this video. I would like to know where they are now that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of legalizing gay marriage. Did the soldier battling cancer's family get their benefits due to her family for her brave service?

  7. gay PRIDE has lost its meaning, it's now all about sexualizing yourself to the thousandth degree, dress like a stripper, flashing everyone wig your genitals and titties, throwing condoms everywhere. Then fighting at clubs over nothing. The new generation of the LGBT have no respect, of the early generational LGBT people.

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