37 Comments on “A Celebration of Black Men In Love: A Gay Wedding”

  1. Stealing
    Having kids out if wedlock
    Eating pork
    Eating shellfish
    Mixing fabrics
    let's not forget Divorce

    Judging others…..I could go on and on.

  2. u guys are so sad if we keep having same sex relations whom is going to produce u still have to get male and female to create life stop being a hypocrite to God's way of how he created life repent my brothers I will pray for u guys amen

  3. Even as a gay man, I had some reservation about marrying the same sex. But after watching this and other ceremonies and hearing their back stories, I think I would commit to the right brother and will say yes to marriage. It is important to find the person that makes you happy and spend your life with them.

  4. Do you think God approves of same sex marriage ? answer that questions honestly. However only God can judge but these two dudes are both created by God to be with another woman not another man.

  5. ? Congratulations Gentleman on finding each other and making that dertermination together; So enviable Years ago as a gay Man would dismiss my thoughts of Marrying A man.;Glad you found each other and Stepped up your game ?

  6. Nt a homophobic, ima just start rite there. Yes God wants all his children 2 be happy, that he does, but with the opposite sex. Not only do i think it's not right 4 same sex relationships, it's very disrespectful 2 Gods beautiful all powerful name in a way. I know that in the bible it's saids he loves all his children, but i feel like u gay ppl take that and run with it. Y'all figure well since it saids God love me than he will still accept me if i go n fuck KEVIN, JEFF, n KEVIN again, but ur DEAD ASS WRONG there r repercussions 4 y'all actions n life the decision y'all choose.
    I'm not tryna seem like a bad guy or anything n i won't say y'all will da first 2 go 2 hell cus nobody honestly knows. But what i do know is, what u gay ppl r do'n is unnatural n disgusting
    Follow in Gods footsteps we shall all
    Glory 2 God

  7. May God bless you both and love you Wedding . I love the colors Wow,God really bless some people in love,as a mother and Woman of God I have faith That some day I will be this happy. Congratulations. Amen

  8. Facts:
    1. These men are not gay. Circus costumes are gay. These men are sodomites.

    2. These men are not married. They have a civil contract that the "State of" corporation calls a marriage. Real marriage is a blood covenant (not a legal contract) between a man and a woman, whereby they become one flesh.

    3. These men think that they have won some sort of victory, in that they have successfully displayed their perversion and ignorance before the world, as if doing so could make it right. But in reality, they have lost; for they have committed their abomination right in front of the living God who has condemned it, and them…and their destruction is not sleeping.

  9. Here is the most important point, about religion. God is love and anyone who does not love, is not of God (Book of John). Being Gay is a hard life and it's not a choice to decide, against your natural feelings. Straight people are judging from their desires but other people, have different desires.Who in this world, has the exact same desires and why would the good Lord, allow gay people, to be who they are and then turn around and curse the souls to damnation for loving someone like themselves. You can't make people gay and you can make gay people straight, it's more of natural desire that goes it's own way and get this. If desires change or not, it's still natural for that person and not for persons.

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