21 Comments on “A Gay Wedding For The Ages (Clip)| Steven Universe”

  1. I approve of it and I am pissed off that a certain user posted a longer clip involving the very end of this and it was deleted because of copyright reasons… Such a shame, now I have to go and purchase Steven Universe just to see this, it is so beautiful to me beyond words, I have friends that are married and are gay couples and it angers me when people bring God into the equation, because I believe that God is not a man or a woman, God is everything that is living Andorra dead, God Lives within everything and therefore God is a thing, not a Celestial being with a beard and a staff, therefore it supports this!

  2. So romantic and sweet ~~~ THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS !!!
    P.S : and for the homophobic people in the comment section below….plz don't interact if you don't like this moment

  3. The amount of assholes who say this is sin makes me laugh
    Like, don’t get involved. Let our LGBTQ+ asses burn in hell. Well have fun singing gay ass songs
    Go away please ?

  4. I'm not ho.ophobic but they need to stop pushing the sexuality on children they need to be kids period let them grow up on their own with our that

  5. Oh no. Its a gay wedding. Oh the horror. Hide the children. Censor this everywhere. The people who created and supports this kind of stuff should go to hell.

    (Hear my sarcasm homophobes of the internet)

  6. Parents do not let your children watch this garbage.
    Little kids don't understand these complex adult themes.
    It's indoctrination to make children gay. Its disgusting.

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