A Planet Fitness Personal Trainer’s Attempts To Reason With Anti-Masker ‘Karen’ Fails Miserably


An anti-mask activist from Ohio filmed her public meltdown inside a Planet Fitness facility as she berated a personal trainer and security guard who politely asked her multiple times to wear a mask inside the facility, per a state mandate issued by the governor.

The video, first uploaded to Reddit last week, shows the woman, later identified as Anna Peric, shouting at the trainer who asked her multiple times to not film him.

“I have limited time to exercise,” Peric shouts, “and all you’re doing right now is cutting into my freedom of liberty! I want to exercise! I pay to exercise!”

Peric then goes on to claim people who are exercising are exempt from the mask mandate.

“When you came in you did not have a face mask on,” the personal trainer informs her.

Peric says he’s making her feel uncomfortable, “If you could please leave me alone so I can exercise, because, at this point, I feel like I’m being harassed.”

Online commenters praised the “gentle giant” trainer for keeping his cool while dealing with “Karen’s” temper tantrum.


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