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  1. Usually I like Buzzfeed videos, but I feel that this conversation is contrived and fake. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are ancient religions, so in reality they can’t be modernised to accommodate modern views. These faith leaders in my mind are being insincere as to what their religion really states. They’re just being politically correct. Just saying.

  2. I just think it’s disgraceful how people can be excommunicated for being gay when gods golden rule is love everyone for who they are as they are his gifts and where created by him

  3. The “priest” is not Christian and doubtfully a priest.

    The imam does not follow Wahhabi Islam which is the correct interpretation of the traditional Moslem sources.

    The Jew does not follow the traditional Jewry.

    Convert to the traditional Roman Catholic Religion in the holy Roman Church, outside of which there is no salvation. Research sede-vacantism.

  4. A humble exhortation to our ultra-orthodox brothers: If you consider yourself an observant Jew, but your Judaism cannot free you from the abomination of the openly gay lifestyle, it means that your soul is not really [and therefore your place isn't with the Jews, but rather with the Christians]…. Be truthful to your soul; go to the nearest revival church, and ask Jesus to save you from your spiritual bondage…. Then, you will be in your proper place, and finally find the peace you need…

  5. As a Jew, I believe that we should spread love and understanding
    As a Woman, I believe that we should spread love and understanding
    As a Bisexual, I believe that we should spread love and understanding
    As a Human Being, I believe that we should spread love and understanding

    And you should too

  6. Islam is a feminist religion ? come back to me when you tell another joke like the crusades was started by the Christians cause it started when the Muslims invaded the Byzantine empire

  7. lol fake female rabbi with shorts. Discussing about abortion, gay rights, women rights. Your can tell by looking at them how practicing/moral are they.

  8. Wowww… 21k likes most likely the people living in the Sins these actors mentioned. What a disrespect to God. 0 scriptures to prove their lies.

  9. Islam is a feminist religion because it's the first religion to give women their rights before women used to be buried while being alive if they have daughter they kill them so muslim stopped this

  10. Islam is a feminist religion!Islam says that Men and women both have to cover their heads not only women and they have right to property, right to not take their spouse surname and right to divorce unlike sexist Christianity and Judaism Islam and Hinduism are both non-sexist modern and feminist relligions

  11. What a joke these videos are. That’s NOT a Rabbi. And I wouldn’t Be surprised if those two guys aren’t who they say they are..

  12. These are the extreme light version of all the religions are are totally not representable for the religion. And for sure the islamic one isn' t…. the type of rabbi and priest we can definitely see in multitudes but his Muslim liberal way of expressing is extremely rare, I have really never seen somebody like him before. In most arab Muslem countries they would hang him for there expressions due to his religion…

  13. The Imam says culture overtook the religion but what is Sharia law? Is it islamic or not? I just want real answers, to learn. Thank you.


  15. She is reform. Reform and conservative Judaism is not Judaism. They change the word of G-d and don't keep the basic jewish laws

  16. The Almighty God, the Master Creator of the Universe, and his son the Lord Jesus Christ, as stated in the Holy Bible, have given us their Laws. GOD is a Very Powerful and Merciful forgiving GOD, and we should always follow GOD'S Laws, and in difficult times, we should search and ask for Help.

  17. It's amusing to watch apologist for the immoral Abrahamic myths sit around trying to make their religion sound noble, inclusive and egalitarian. It's even more amusing to watch the fundamentalist of those myths tear them up in the comment section; thereby demonstrating the violent, hateful, dogmatic truth about those myths.

  18. Alright, let's do this the proper way. I find it quite amusing to see people in the comment section arguing against a woman rabbi. What I find even more amusing is that people seem to justify it by referring to "Torah law." First of all, it's called the Halakha (הֲלָכָה), the Halakha is the collective body of religious laws in Judaism. And guess what? Regina Jonas, the first woman to he ordained a rabbi, wrote an entire treatise on whether a woman can be a rabbi according to Halachic law. With this she stand in the tradition of woman rabbinical scholars such as Asenath Barzani from the 17th century, who contributed a whole lot to Judaism. And no, Regina Jonas was not part of the liberal stream, she was actually quite critical towards it. Read her treatise and then articulate actual arguments based on Halachic law as to why women can't be rabbis.

  19. Pro choice priest, "islamic tradition is feminist" XDD, "gay is YES in judaism". This video is cool comedy relief, but has nothing to do with either tradition, those guys are on super tiny, left wing fringe side, basically out.

  20. This was preaching to the choir for sure. In traditional Judaism this well learned woman is not a rabbi, those beliefs are clearly very free and reformed. Insulting if anyone thinks they represent everyone. But it at least gives insights into their specific beliefs/sects.

  21. This lady isn't a rabbi…just the amount of violations of Halacha….
    As is that priest …catholics and Muslims are even stricter.
    they're truly posers

  22. That Catholic priest does not speak for the entire faith. My parish (church) is strictly against abortion. Even growing up in Sunday school, we were taught that life begins at conception. Abortion is a very unpopular decision from our viewpoint. Feminism, as well, is very unpopular within the church; our teachings and morals align more or so with a traditional lifestyle. We don't think women should play "subservient" roles like that Rabbi claimed. Women are not viewed as slaves to their husbands. They are beautiful creatures in which we have much respect for. Mother Mary, as an example, is honored – NOT worshiped – very much in our hearts. After all, she was the one who encourage Christ to perform his first miracle. She was a woman, yet she told a man what to do. Think again, kiddos.

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