Activists Just Used A Drone To Hang A Pride Flag On Ukraine’s Version Of The Statue Of Liberty


A Kiev-based LGBT group used a drone to hoist a giant rainbow flag and unfurl it next to the hundred-meter tall “Motherland” Monument, erected in 1981 as part of a Soviet Union propaganda blitz.

The action, intended to celebrate “equality for everyone,” was met with fierce backlash in the conservative country.

Shot from different angles, the video was then uploaded to the group’s Facebook page which was flooded with homophobic comments calling LGBT+ people “degenerates.”

Many others defend the stunt, with one Facebook user arguing: “How is a symbol under which millions of people were repressed and murdered less disgusting than a flag under which people are fighting for their rights?”

“Drone flights were carried out under the current legislation and according to the rules of the State Service,” according to Dronarium Ukraine, the company that arranged the flight.

“We are against the manifestation of aggression against the LGBT community, which we consider to be from the Middle Ages,” the company added on Facebook.

While homosexuality is legal in Ukraine, there is currently no recognition for same-sex relationships, and gay couples are banned from getting married or adopting children.

Pride parades have also been disallowed in previous years, due to fears of a violent response, and those that have gone on have either resulted in attacks or were so heavily guarded they had more police present than protesters, reports LGBTQ Nation.


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