Activists recreate same-sex love photo to celebrate Madonna in Israel

Activists in Israel have recreated an iconic photo which shows a Jewish woman and a Muslim woman about to kiss to celebrate Madonna arriving in Israel for her Eurovision performance.

Photographer Ziv Sade went viral four years ago when he shared a photo of a Jewish man and a Muslim man about to kiss. The photo was later shared by Madonna online in order to promote her album Rebel Heart.

Sade and Israeli LGBT+ activists decided to recreate the powerful image to celebrate Madonna arriving in Tel Aviv to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The photographer wanted to show that love can ‘break down barriers’

The two women in the photograph are LGBT+ activists from organisation Solutions Not Sides and are a couple in real life, according to Sade.

“We wanted to have another chance to show love has no limits and no walls, love can break down barriers and preconceived notions,” Sade told PinkNews.

He explained that he visited Israel earlier this month from Los Angeles and was contacted by one of the men from the original photo, who suggested they recreate the image, but this time with two women.

“Our goal with this photo was to continue the discussion about our relationships with religion and cultures and trying to bridge the gap with love.”

– Ziv Sade

“24 hours later we were on the set with the idea to create the female version. It was like the stars were aligning,” he said.

“Our goal with this photo was to continue the discussion about our relationships with religion and cultures and trying to bridge the gap with love.”

He said he wanted to create a conversation about “love” and “acceptance” and said he wanted to break down preconceived ideas about how people should behave and act.

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Madonna (Win McNamee/Getty)

“Art helps us to create things that sometimes we are afraid to put in words, and I hope this photo, like the one before it, will send a message of openness, freedom, courage, progress, and love.”

Speaking about Madonna’s decision to share his photo online as a part of her Rebel Heart promotion campaign, Sade said he was “flattered and thrilled.” He now hopes she will see the remake and will share it online.

Ziv Sade said a Eurovision boycott would ‘stop’ the conversation

Elsewhere, Sade addressed calls for Madonna to cancel her performance as a part of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.

“I understand the anger and frustration that some people have about the Eurovision events in Israel, especially in these sensitive times when people across the border are struggling, and I understand why some people are angry about this situation.

“My goal as an artist is to bring people together and to try to inspire tolerance and love,” Sade continued. “It is a very complicated situation and we need to remember that whenever the darkness takes over we need to shine our colourful light brighter and greater.”

He said boycotting Eurovision would “stop” the conversation, and said art allows a conversation to start.

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