44 Comments on “After Gay Marriage Ruling, California Families Celebrate Equality | The New York Times”

  1. So let me get this straight you believe in "demonic possesion" which you spelled incorrectly?

    And you think that homosexuality is caused by this demonic "possesion"?

    What proof do you have of spiritual forces let alone demons? Why would those demons be interested in having sex with other demon possessed people? What would be the point?

    Thinking must be hard for you. Its cute you tried though, poor thing.

  2. Oh dear! I didn't know that we had pet names for each other. But I prefer demon of darkness or Heman of eternia!

    What do you know about me? My morality isn't based on the bible or ignorance. My morality reflects reality.

    I ask things like, does it hurt anyone, what does it accomplish, does banning it serve a purpose, etc.

    I'm also not enough of a jack ass to assume I am right before I learn the facts… Like someone I know *looking at you*

  3. So what. I missed an L. Big deal. Are you serious? "He/she"? God is a man, jesus is a man. Did i say God hates gays? No. I am NOT a hypocrite. There is a devil and he has blinded you. Wow. Kind words. :/

  4. I KNOW he loves gay people. But satan has twisted their minds into thinking that they are going to heaven. Plus Satan tricked them into thinking that they were born gay. That is one of the biggest lies. Ever.

  5. I have not said anthing hurtful to you. And what have you spewed out of your mouth? Hate. If you cant say anything nice…. Do not say it at all. Common sense.

  6. I dont care if you hate me. I will still love you as a friend. For a person to doesnt know if jesus or Yahweh is a man, thats sad. Really sad. I love everybody. I just do not like their sinful actions.

  7. Sure there is, Cupcake! Legal in 14 states and 19 countries!
    You might not respect it, and that's just ducky. We don't care what goes on in that shriveled lump between your ears, and you don't have the power to remake reality.

  8. Oh – you want to play masturbatory word games? Then you are correct. The actual text of the laws most likely uses the words "same sex" or "same gender," or simply leaves out any restrictions on gender.
    Thus allowing gay people to legally get married. In 14 states and 19 countries. Happy?

  9. Whether it's an argument recognized in a court or not, the fact remains that gay people have always had the SAME legal rights as anyone/everyone else concerning legal marriage.

  10. The truth is that LBGT & gay marriage are wrong. God is the authority. Such has been previously acknowledged, by law, that we are a nation which “Trusts In God”. A just & pure God cannot and will not let “wrong (homosexuality)” go on forever, especially when a nation condones wrong. Make your own choices, but also know that God is not mocked. Please read it for yourself. Follow what is truly right, & don’t be deceived into believing what is wrong, Romans 1:26-27; 1 COR 6:9-11; Leviticus 18:22

  11. "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."-(-Romans 12:2) The Bible clearly tells us that we should not expect our lives to look like the lives of other people (unbelievers) in this world. As Christians, we are aliens and strangers here on earth (1 Peter 2:11), and this world is not our home. Just as Christ was rejected—and still is—by so many who want to live life their own, ungodly way, we will also find the same types of people despising us for our faith.

  12.  Compared to heterosexual men, MSM are at an increased risk of contracting a number of dangerous STDs, including HIV/AIDS. According to the GLMA, these STDs include: “urethritis, proctitis, pharyngitis, prostatitis, hepatitis A and B, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, genital warts and HIV infection.”

  13. at the risk of being labeled something or other by the left and 'progressives' but here is my 2c worth,.

    There should be no claim for equality by the gays.
    technically speaking…. 2 men or 2 women cant possibly equal a man and a woman.
    A man and a women have complimentary bodies that were meant to come together by nature to create human life
    Nature made the decision not anyone else (well maybe god if you believe in him)
    On the other hand Gays need a third person to donate (egg, sperm etc) in order to create a life.
    So Gays need 3 people to do what a man and woman can do .

    Gays are just not equal . nature made it that way – probably as part of natural selection.

    hmmmm Funny how the left are hard core into nature, until its not convenient for them .

  14. Ohhwww Myyyy Gawwwddd!!! Thhhh'stopppp iiiiitttt! OH My Gawwwddd You Guys'thh are like too Sthilly!. I could juthst th'spank all of you out of happiness'th. – All joke's aside it's nice to see that the right thing was done here. Morally it's a no brainer. The Gov has no right deciding who GROWN ADULT'S can and can't unite. I'm sure all the people who this directly affected felt a huge weight lifted. Good for them.

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