After Touting Criminal Justice Reform, Trump Points At Black Supporters In Crowd And Claps


While touting his work on criminal justice reform at Thursday night’s rally in Ohio, President Trump turned toward a group of black supporters in the crowd and pointed before clapping for them.

President Trump took a jab at President Obama for failing to pass a criminal justice reform bill, before telling the crowd that the “biggest beneficiary [of criminal justice reform] is the African American community. Biggest beneficiary.”

Trump then pointed at a group of black supporters in the crowd and began clapping for them.

PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor tweeted: “Truly incredible moment.”

“The president and his supporters literally just turned to a group of black supporters and clapped for them as the president talked about African Americans benefitting from criminal justice reform,” she added.

Trump had also “just boasted about low African American unemployment rates” according to VOX’s Aaron Rupar.


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