All Genders Deserve These Menstruation Products


Despite the fact that more and more people identify as transgender, gender-expansive, and nonbinary these days, there’s still a noticeable lack of gender-fluid and gender-neutral sex and health products available. Currently, most products within the space are conventionally gendered: pinks and florals for people with vaginas, and darker, “masculine” colors for those who have penises.

One company leading the move toward more inclusiveness is UltuCup ( with its “Identifies as Bleeding” campaign. This new menstrual cup gears its marketing toward all people who menstruate, regardless of gender, and was one of the first to do so. Many users also credit the UltuCup as being one of the most comfortable menstruation cups on the market, with little to no leakage. And with a cup, users appreciate that, as with the OG — Diva Cup — you can go 12 hours without having to change out in a public bathroom. Another great menstrual cup is the Lunette (, which also uses gender-inclusive language in its marketing. “We don’t adopt slang, we talk about our body parts as exactly what they are, body parts,” company president, Cathy Chapman, recently told Bustle. “The best ways to help break menstruation stigmas is to include all genders in empowering conversations about why periods aren’t taboo.”

Thinx ( is an innovative company selling menstruation undergarments in styles ranging from femme to masculine. Its boxer-style “boyshorts” collect your menstrual flow in a built-in, absorbent liner and are completely washable and reusable — which makes them as environmentally friendly as a cup. Thinx brands its products simply as “for people with periods” and even provides an explanation on its website on why we need to shift language and advertising around menstrual products to be more inclusive and not just focused on cisgender women. The company was one of the first to employ a male transgender model, Sawyer DuVuyst, to advertise menstrual products.

Luna Pads ( sells both removable, washable, and reusable absorbent cloth menstrual pads and a variety of undergarments including masculine-of-center boxer briefs. Like Thinx, Luna Pads also uses cute trans guy models in its advertising.


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