24 Comments on “All Sins Are Equal…Or Are They?? (Part 2)”

  1. If Jesus knew his fate and had the power to prevent it, isn't that by definition suicide? Imagine a faith that condemns suicide worshiping someone who did it…no contradiction whatsoever.

  2. In Romans 1:26 the word he claims is “vile” was originally “atimias” which translates to unvalued or dishonored. It was also commonly used to describe the disenfranchised. If he’s going to use the Bible to try and support his point he should be using the Bible as it was originally written. I don’t subscribe to the same beliefs that he does regarding homosexuality and I count myself as a Christian. The Bible repeatedly says that it is not ours to judge and that our sole purpose is to love one another as God loves us. According to Jesus, loving one another is the whole of the law. If everyone treated everyone else as equals compassionately I think the world would be a much better place.

  3. One of the reasons I was attracted to Buddhism at a young age, is the idea that there is no such thing as sin, simply skillful and unskillful acts. I have since rejected the supernatural aspects of Buddhism and come to see myself as a Secular Humanist with a strong respect for the ethical teachings of The Buddha. So listening to these bible thumpers drone on and on has no effect on me.

  4. While I don't believe he really existed, I'm convinced that if Jesus actually came back today he'd condemn all these Christians for warping his sayings and not living by the spirit of his words.

  5. 'Federal law allows citizens to reproduce' since when does the Federal Govt get into populations and how many children we can have. Sad really. Thanks for a great video, waiting for the 3rd part.

  6. It really brings home the regressive nature of 'hell' as a punishment. If it's used as the same punishment for everything, and it doesn't get better or worse one way or another, than all that means is that a person who stole may as well go ahead and rape, murder, and burn down some buildings too. After all, it's the same punishment either way right?

    There's a reason civil countries don't hand out death sentences for petty theft. If you don't vary the punishment, all you're doing is creating worse crimes.

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