‘Am I Going To Jail For The Rest Of My Life?’


As the man charged with eight counts of murder in the Atlanta spa shootings was put in a jail uniform and brought to a cell on Tuesday night, hours after the attacks, he asked a sheriff’s deputy if he was going to spend “the rest of his life” in jail, according to a police report cited by The New York Times.

Deputy Tara Herrick of the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office wrote in the police report that Robert Aaron Long’s comments were captured on an officer’s body camera.

Long, 21, was captured on an interstate in Crisp County, about 150 miles south of Atlanta.

He was taken into custody after a Georgia State Police officer bumped his car, forcing it to turn sideways and come to a stop.

Authorities said that Long told them he was on his way to Florida to commit more violence on a business tied to the pornography industry there.

The attacks on the spas left eight people dead, including six women of Asian descent.


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