44 Comments on “Amazing Gay Marriage Speech Goes Viral (Maureen Walsh)”

  1. I'm just incredibly concerned that we are denying the human genepool of valuable dna in the future, by making gay marriage the norm in society…and thus encourage our young to adopt the gay lifestyle.

  2. Hillary Clinton was Bill Clinton’s liaison on the hill, who sold the most radical anti-gay agenda in history, right? Defense of Marriage Act. Freedom Restoration Act. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. And you didn’t hear a word about that.

    Source: http://www.glennbeck.com/2016/12/27/what-america-would-look-like-if-hillary-had-won-the-election/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20161228GBDaily&utm_term=Glenn%20Beck?utm_source=glennbeck&utm_medium=contentcopy_link

  3. thank you this woman understand us it's not the sex it's the compassion we need in a relationship we what to be able to marry so if the other half if us was to become very ill we what to use our health insurance for them or be able to be there for them so I thank this lady

  4. I love you, Ma'am. Thats what I believe in too. Relationship between two people is not any sex. it is about genuine love and commitment. The general view is too sexualized. The LGBTQs are people, human beings capable of great love for their special someone, their parents, their families, their friends and their communities just like everyone else. There must be equality because no one can't be denied their human rights.

  5. Gay marriage is a farce.  Marriage can only be between on man and one woman…that's the true meaning of marriage no matter what gay people think. Let them live  together, let them do what they please but marriage for them in their world no …..never.

  6. And meanwhile in Australia in 2017, there is a postal survey to ask the voting population if same sex marriage should be allowed. A non binding, non compulsory survey that will cost $122m!

  7. I first saw this back in 2012 and every so often i come back to this speech. Not just because of her compassion but because she's a republican.

    It's like finding a treasure chest in your garden. It has happened but it's so rare no one counts on it.

  8. Yeah, most think that gay is only about sex. Why? Heteros talk about marrying, having a family, lifelong commitment. Vows taken "for better or worse", meaning that your spouse at anytime can become a burden physically or die even right after the wedding ceremony. That's love that those vows are made, not just how much sex goes on. Gays it's the same. Marry for that lifelong commitment. Heteros have gone through the loss of a spouse. What is it they feel? That emotional bond gone, not the sex. Same for gays, its the commitment that matters. Yet still there are heteros view of gays as disgusting. Heard someone say that 2 days ago.

  9. Pandering to, embracing, or sanctioning sodomy or any other sexual deviancy or perversion is unworthy of our culture.  The anus is a exit point, not a entry point.

  10. She’s not anti gay but she is OBVIOUSLY ANTI NURSEs…..Maybe if her daughter was a nurse she would be more appreciative of what they do. See her other you tube video.

  11. Too bad she's on millions of nurses shit list now. Come shadow me, Maureen. Trust me. You can leave the cards at home.


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