American Airlines Bans Gay Trump Supporter Who Had Melt Down Over Mandatory Mask Policy

Brandon Straka, a self-described gay “former liberal” and the creator of the #WalkAway movement, was removed from a recent American Airlines flight from La Guardia Airport to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport after he told an airline employee that he didn’t like wearing a mask.

The ardent supporter of President Trump was barred by American Airlines on Thursday, one day after his viral meltdown was caught on video by multiple witnesses, reports The New York Times.

Straka recorded his exchange with an airline employee on Wednesday after boarding the plane and shared it with several media outlets.

In the video, the employee explains that a new American Airlines policy, which went into effect on May 11, requires all passengers and crew members to wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The policy makes exemptions for children, passengers with disabilities and medical conditions, and for people eating or drinking.

The airline employee warned Straka that if he did not comply that he would have to get off the flight, which carried 122 passengers.

The entire episode was witnessed by New York Times political reporter Astead Wesley who sitting in the next seat and also recorded the dispute.

“There is currently a mutiny on my flight to Tulsa (via Dallas) because a guy is refusing to wear a mask and the flight can’t take off,” Wesley tweeted. He later revealed his fellow passengers “applauded” when Straka was escorted from the plane.

“He was escorted off the plane and rebooked on another American Airlines flight to Charlotte, N.C., and then on to Seattle,” reports The New York Times. “But American Airlines said in a statement on Thursday that after reviewing the episode that Mr. Straka would no longer be allowed on any of its flights for as long as the mask requirement is in place. According to the airline, Mr. Straka gave contradictory answers about having a medical condition.”

“As a result of this review, Mr. Straka will not be permitted to fly American, as he failed to comply with our stated policy and crew member instructions,” the airline said. “We are committed to protecting the safety and well-being of our customers and team members, which is why we strengthened enforcement of our policy for required face coverings on board. We expect customers who choose to fly with us to comply with these policies, and if necessary, we will deny future travel for customers who refuse to do so.”

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