Americans have started quarantine baking & the gays are doing it with their shirts off

Quarantine baking has become a thing and, of course, gay men are giving it a twist when they post photos of their culinary masterpieces. They don’t care if you’re hungry, they want you to be thirsty.

While earnest amateur bakers across the nation are posting photos of their perfect banana bread online, gay men are letting the goods speak for themselves. And they don’t mean the pavlova.

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Photos of men holding up the dubious treats they’ve created in lockdown are everywhere on Instagram, from #quarantinebaking to #gaybaking. But what many of them have in common isn’t eggs and aprons – it’s abs and pecs.

Not that we’re complaining. You see one tarte tatin, you’ve seen ’em all.

Here are a few favorites without a soggy bottom in sight. No cakes at all, actually.

And an honorable mention just because he’s so darn cute.


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