An Affirmative Act (Full Movie) Legal Thriller Gay marriage Crime

An Affirmative Act (Full Movie) Legal Thriller Gay marriage Crime

When a married couple with a child is charged with fraud they must come forward and reveal that they are, in fact, both women and have broken the law.



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  1. This was an interesting and thought provoking film. It was well cast and acted although the script was less than fully believable. The topic is perhaps more important now, with the current shift in American politics than ever before. A very good and timely upload popcorn…yet again. Thanks.???

  2. Good movie. Great story. Society is growing by leaps and bounds,we are learning to accept people for who they are and the way they were born. Equal rights isnt such a big thing to ask for , imo.

  3. Wow – that was serious stuff! That prosecutor really pissed me off – it’s as if she had a personal vendetta against the defendants. Had she let them agree to the plea without personal probing, she wouldn’t be facing a three year vacation.
    Although the question of gay marriage is no longer an issue, some commenters here are displeased. Regardless, gay marriage did not create the downfall of “the sanctimony of marriage”, as was projected by its detractors. Much like Y2K, life simply went on.
    Oh, love the blonde!

  4. I'm only into the film for the first 14mins but the level of confusion and irritation is already putting me off despite my liking the subject and the legal side of it in particular.
    We have two women wanting to spend their life together as a couple, a law lecturer at university and an architect. They have a kid, who seems to be adopted and about 2yrs old and they live in New Jersey. Within the first 14mins they are being arrested and the governor is shown as wanting to interfere in the prosecution for political reasons. Unfortunately, both the arrest in cases like this and the political interference are believable for the US.
    However, it seems a bit farfetched the law professor lady didn't foresee the consequences of their actions. She knows the law. She might even know what kind of person the governor is. Furthermore, are we supposed to believe she doesn't know any lawyer who would represent her and her partner when the state finally proceeds to take action against them? That Mr Hanson seems to be court appointed. How could she let this happen? This couple is well educated and not poor as we have seen from the flat they inhabit. Where are her lawyer friends? They should be out of jail on bail on the very same day they were arrested, so their kid doesn't need to be put in state care etc.
    I will take a break from the film for now and hope it will get better and more believable.

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