Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen’s baby sons kissed and the two dads’ hearts melted


Andy Cohen says the highlight of his week was when his son Ben kissed the cheek of his friend Anderson Cooper’s son Wyatt.

The pair of gay broadcasters have been keen for their sons to get to know each other ever since Wyatt was born six months ago.

But while the pair of dads have been encouraging the friendship with play dates, they were worried the tots’ age difference would stop them bonding.

However it now seems Ben, aged 21 months, has bonded with Wyatt.

CNN anchor Cooper went on Cohen’s SiriusXM Radio Andy show and the subject of their sons’ latest playdate came up.

Cohen said he had been taking Ben over on Saturdays or Sundays for the last couple of months ‘to have a little hangout with Wyatt for a couple of hours’.

And he said: ‘I feel like for the first few times, Ben didn’t really want anything to do with Wyatt, or to even acknowledge him. But I feel like last night was kind of a milestone, don’t you?’

Cooper replied: ‘Yeah it was sweet because I was playing with them both and then he kissed Wyatt on the cheek and hugged him and it was so cute.

‘He did that a couple of times. So my heart kind of melted.’

The pair have dubbed themselves ‘playground dads’ and snapped selfies as they walked their sons through New York’s Greenwich Village.

‘Ben, this is going to be your good buddy Wyatt’

Cohen was one of the first to congratulate Cooper, 53, when Wyatt was born.

Shortly after the birth, Cohen introduced Benjamin to Wyatt via video call. They couldn’t meet face-to-face at the time due to coronavirus.

The 52-year-old Cohen told his son: ‘Ben, this is going to be your good buddy Wyatt.

‘You guys are going to travel together. And if you like him half as much as I like his daddy, you’re going to be great friends.’

Since then, Cooper has often talked about how happy fatherhood has made him. He said Wyatt, along with being gay, are the ‘great blessings of my life’.

Moreover, he has even said he’s open to having another child so Wyatt has a brother and sister. Though he joked he needed to ‘sleep a little bit more’ first.


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