Andrea Di Giovanni shows their vulnerable side with new album “Rebel”


Andrea Di Giovanni is set to release their debut album “Rebel” and take on the music industry by storm.

They’ve recently had huge success when Shame Ressurection featured in Netflix’s Pretty Little Things, which the track now has an impressive 1million streams. With amazing milestones already achieve, “Rebel” is muchly anticipated.

Co-written with the likes of SXMSON, Sylvie, GESS, Tylr Rydr, Natalie Shay & SERENA, the nine-track album is a journey through Andrea’s emotions and focuses on their relationship with friends, romance and the world at large.

Andrea Di Giovanni Charlotte Summers

Andrea shares “With ‘Rebel’, I’m showcasing a more vulnerable side to my artistic persona. I’m exploring different stages of relationships with myself, with a lover and with the world at large. From sass to sadness, this album portrays an eclectic mix of emotions.”

Music has always been apart of Andrea’s life, “since I was a kid I turned to music as a way to express my inner feelings”.

Its promised that this love and passion for music will be seen throughout “Rebel” as Andrea pays homage to the music of their childhood whilst merging them with modern-day influences.



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