21 Comments on “Andrew Scheer on gay 'marriage' and abortion”

  1. It’s no one else’s choice what one specific woman does with HER body, except hers. And it’s not your decision or anyone else’s decision weather two people who love each other should get married. He says clearly, he’s not going to run his campaign on those two issues, but who’s to say he WON’T revisit them once he’s actually PM.

  2. Canada ?? is a socialist country. We HEKP each other. If someone’s struggling, we pay taxes to help them in their time of need, and expect it in the future if were ever in need. If you don’t like that, move to the United States (where Scheer belongs)

  3. Not prime minister material .He has a an agenda in mind does not care what Canadians want ,he will do what the Israeli lobbyists want
    Which is getting us to fight their wars!
    Treason at its worst!

  4. When a person speaks so fast to skip their main point, never buy anything they sell. Scheer is living in the 50s, not the 21st century because these social issues are not issues anymore for the majority of Canadians.

  5. Why do these idiots continue to favor gay rights and abortion rights over what is going to move Canada forward as a Country. Let's talk about the economy and structure and get your head out of your fairytales.

  6. This guy is as gutless as Trudeau, he can not commit to anything, never answers his frikken question doesn’t he see we need a real person in govt, like trump

  7. Which legal rights do we believe they should be relieved of?

    Or which actions, ultimately, would we argue they be jailed for?

    Ultimately, it’s when the public or private practice of faith is restricted that the line will be drawn because nobody wants to be threatened with loss if income or imprisonment for being themselves and living their peaceful lives unmolested by the law.

  8. She asked a simple question, "are you in favor of a woman's right to choose?"… and he vacillates and stumbles. He could just say "I personally wouldn't get an abortion or marry a guy, but others have a right to choose what they would do"… and that would be the end of it. Legislating against it is worst, and he's clear that he's not in favor of that, but it sounds like he's still defending his right to condemn other's desires/choices. He has that right, but there are political consequences from that.

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