“Angels Are Being Dispatched From Africa” To Help Trump Win “Right Now”


White House “spiritual adviser” and head of the government’s “Faith and Opportunity Initiative” program Paula White spoke in tongues on Wednesday night as she prayed for President Trump’s reelection.

“Let there be, that we will strike the ground for you will give us victory God,” White said. “I hear a sound of victory. For I hear victory, victory, victory in the quarters of heaven.”

“For angels are being released right now, angels are being dispatched right now,” she declared before she began to speak in tongues.

White then claimed that angels were being dispatched from Africa and South America to help secure Trump’s victory, the same president who referred to African countries, Haiti and El Salvador as “shithole” nations during a White House meeting in 2018.

“For angels have even been dispatched from Africa right now, from Africa right now, from Africa right now, they’re coming here, they’re coming here, in the name of Jesus, from South America, they’re coming here, they’re coming here, from Africa from South America,” she declared. “For I hear the sound of victory.”

In July, White came out against same-sex marriage while delivering a sermon, telling her congregation: “It’s not okay to marry the same sex.”


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