Anti-Masker Unleashes Profanity-Laced Meltdown Over Walmart Mask Policy

A Walmart customer unleashed a profanity-laced meltdown and raised his middle finger at employees because he refused to wear a mask inside the Alaska store.

Video of the incident, which has been viewed nearly 8 million times on Twitter, shows the man yelling at store employees as he makes his way toward the exit.

“Get back from your highway to Hell!” the man shouts at a Black employee as the video begins.

“Have a good day,” another man says to the angry customer.

At that point, the man turns and accuses store employees of “blind ignorance.”

“You don’t have the ability to even come up with your own fucking ideas!” the man shouts. “Are you exercising your rights as a private company [to refuse service]?”

“Yes,” someone answers.

“Sir, you don’t have to yell,” another staffer advises.

“I am choosing to yell! And you cannot stop me!” the man screams before holding up a middle finger and accusing the employees of being “in service to Satan.”

“Have a good day, sir,” a woman tells the man.

“I have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” the man rants. “My happiness is best served by standing in your face and saying you’re a fool and wrong and have no authority over me!”

After the man calls another employee a “bitch,” the video ends.

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