Are "Gay Rights Gun Rights"? | Hidden Vote Ep. 4

Are "Gay Rights Gun Rights"? | Hidden Vote Ep. 4

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10 Comments on “Are "Gay Rights Gun Rights"? | Hidden Vote Ep. 4”

  1. Every human, does not matter what your color or race or religion or sexual preference, you must prepare your self to defend you and your loved ones!! Deranged people are every where and do not care about you or the laws . Guns are tools that law abiding everyday Americans use to protect themselves from predators!! Police are minutes away when seconds is all you have !

  2. People…. the right to defend and protect yourself has nothing to do with sexual orientation. the color of your skin or religion or hunting.
    it a constitutional right..
    And why do anti gun people keep
    saying more guns?…
    Freedom belongs to everyone.
    and no person or group has the right to take mine away….

  3. This is absolutely what the 2nd amendment is for! Protecting the rights of all, especially of a minority, from the prejudice of others or whims of the majority.

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