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  1. I think the whole point is that kids will see this out there in the world and its a lot easier if its explained to them in a controlled environment TV

  2. I get there but you two aren't professional but homosexuality occurs a lot and nature therefore it is natural. It gets annoying having to explain this to ignorant people. Not saying you're ignorant but your friend certainly is.

  3. As a bisexual woman, I feel the need to put this question out there:
    How does a young child who is just learning to add, subtract, divide, and maybe multipy, grasp same-sex marriages? I think if this was a show for preteens to adults, then that would be okay. But we as the LGBT really need to tackle more important subject matter, instead of pushing our lifestyles on kids who can barely even read properly.

  4. Wtf.. It is normal. Just tell your kid when two people love each other they get married. Literally the only difference is what they have in their pants,they're still human. You literally don't have to go in depth or anything about homosexuality. Just say the usual thing as you'd say if it were a normal couple. Also it seems that gays are everywhere on social media at least because people go to them because they see homosexuality as a big thing for some reason. But really, the Arthur thing is really blown off of its proportions by (homophobic) parents. I'm gay myself and I got asked by my niece about it. "when people love each other they get married." "why are they both boys" "cuz you can love whoever you want. Doesn't matter if they're a girl or a boy."(pretty much the conversation) then she stopped cuz kids literally don't care. I actually think it's good to normalize homosexuality like this so it won't seem like such a big thing in the future. Kids will get used to it sooner and be like" a gay couple? OK." just like normal ones.

  5. Explain gay is a super easy. A man and man love each other like how mom and Dad love each other. Explain gay marriage same way you explain straight marriage. Of course make it apporiate don't say yeah ratburn a bottom so he like get fuck in ass while his partner smothers cake all over his body. Just keep it simple my dude.

  6. Its not some secret Hollywood agenda i was learning about that stuff since grade 6.. I personally think they are just trying to please the LGBTQ… and lets be honest here Mr ratburn was always sus af talking about cake n shit

  7. People reduce others down to just their sexuality too much in society. The second you figure out someone is gay their entire identity and personality become negative and unholy. Getting a tattoo is unnatural, taking pain killers is unnatural. Homosexuality however is natural. Natural- existing in or caused by nature, not made or caused by mankind. Homosexuality is genetic, you dont control it, it occurs in nature between animals yet people still deem it unatural. You have no more control over yout sexuality than you do over your race or skin color. The wedding seems like an attempt to normalize it for the next generation so people can not judge others based on sexuality and just accept that some people are gay. You wouldnt judge someone just because of their skin, you shouldn't judge someone because of who they love

  8. So you let your 2 and 3 year old kids watch Disney movies with princesses and princes? All that kids see is love between two people, they dont ask about sex or baby-making. You let your kids watch Beauty and the Beast but you have a problem with a gay couple in Arthur marrying? Homosexuality is normal. You barely see any gay couples in public? hahahah how do you know whether or not someone is gay by looking at them in public? You must have really good gaydar. And heterosexuals are not the minorities on television. Turn on any program, any movie, its all straight people. So stop trying to play the victim card just because you are homophobic! Teach you kids to love everyone and be themselves. Ignorant conversations like this are the reason gay youth commit suicide. With all the diversity in the world, why is it so hard for you to comprehend that people can be attracted to the same sex? When you think about two men marrying, you think about sex and nothing more. No love. No individuality. I feel sorry for you.

  9. The problem with kids seeing homosexuality in my OPINION is that they will think its okay to have those type of relationships at a young age and that can be a problem. Kids are vulnerable and they dont know better. If they are targeted by same sexual predators they will see it as an okay thing

  10. It’s literally a non-issue, and you and your friend again sound ignorant as fuck. There are gay people everywhere, it’s normal.

    To explain to kids all you can say is “when two people love each other they get together and get married or form a relationship”.

    It’s fucking simple, and there’s no fucking agenda

  11. I honestly dont care and it does seem a little forced like why the hell would anybody care enough to go to their teachers wedding even with my coolest teachers i hung out with once that bell ringed we aint see each other until the next day. Them being gay i dont carr about, but putting characters in places thrys probably wouldnt be at seems like they arr trying to show they are for gay relationships. Do they have an agenda? Im sure they did it just to show they are with the modern times. If not the company that owns arnold probably did it to get people to fly back to author for a bit. Like who the hell even knew arthor was still getting new episodes?

  12. Stop trying to shove these kids with this. I have nothing against gay people but this is doing too much. Let kids be innocent! Why do they need to know about sexuality at that young age? It's really sad.

  13. It really annoys me how people conflate sex and sexual minorities. Why do you need to explain to your children about sex IN ANY FORM at a young age. Be that straight or gay. Kids are surrounded by relationships the moment they are born. Arthur is trying to portray different types of RELATIONSHIPS that reflect a truer society today. I'm sorry but kids watch their mommies and daddies engage in romantic relationships, their grandparents, older brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and then whatever they see on tv like disney movies etc. So don't try and pretend that now your kid's mind is gonna be messed up when showing them a different form of a relationship as they see relationships of all kinds all the time. Kids are not judgemental. You can simply say to a kid that this teacher loves that man so they wanted to get married. I don't know any kid that's gonna question BUT WHERE'S THE WOMAN!? It really isn't a hard conversation to have. It's not a sex talk, it's a relationship talk. When people say it's not natural really irk me. Let's be serious, when they say that statement what they're saying is "it's not natural for me" i.e. "i don't have those urges and never have" and that's okay. you do do.. But if you want to talk about natural and what occurs in nature, then yes, homosexuality occurs in other species too thereby making it completely natural – as it is found in the animal kingdom… i'm sorry but your friend is on the wrong side of history… needs to modernise or get left behind.

  14. It’s sad to that your a homophobic, going to flag this video bc of this. It’s ashame seeing this, bc it’s normal for humans to be curious about there own sexuality.

    Gays had to hide from there pride and saying they shouldn’t embrace is a big nah for me

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