25 Comments on “Arthur Will Have Gay Wedding For Mr. Ratburn”

  1. WOW! It's so true what you say. I can't believe they did that on a kids show. Things are getting out of control in this world. I wanted to ask what happened to your other video you had posted on Transgender misgendered at rental car ? I was going to check it out but it was deleted.

  2. As parents we have to work extra ordinary harder, to undo the mess they be teaching our kids, it is all evil, you can't let them teachers, t.v, even their mates educate them, parents gotta arise and wake up and fast.
    God has given you responsiblity for their well being, train them NOW, speak to them about this issues and when they old enough and decide to turn away, you did your best and as a praying parent, God will always be tagging on their hearts, pulling them back to Himself, telling them this is the way, best way, walk on it, I will help you if you let me.
    God bless yall.

  3. Hate the sin but love the sinner. That's what Paul sin. Homosexuality is a sin, it is an abomination Sodom and Gomorah was destroyed because of this. Why do you think its called Sodomy?

  4. I'm not that old but I miss the days when people kept their sexual preference in the closet & the only ones who needed to know were the ones who were allowed to enter in the closet. Why push this on kids.

  5. The episode is on right now on pbs in Florida! I’m so dumbfounded. I sent my kids out of the room so I can watch it. This is so disturbing! The agenda that they’re pushing!

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