25 Comments on “Australia Votes On Gay Marriage”

  1. The (flawed) argument for gay marriage:
    P1. Legal marriage is a right.
    P2. Gay persons should have the same rights as straight persons.
    P3. Therefore, legal marriage should be available for gay people as much as straight people.

    Notice that this argument is logically valid: If P1 and P2 are true, then P3 follows inescapably. Are P1 and P2 true?

    P2 seems true. Even if you deny that objective moral truths exist, you probably still want P2 to be true.

    What about P1? I don't believe P1 is true. Marriage is a description, not a right. Married persons don't deserve different rights than nonmarried persons. P1 is like saying being registered as disabled is a right.

    Furthermore, notice that if P1 is true, then P2 could be replaced by Triples and quadruples should have the same rights as pairs. But this means the state should start dishing out 3-way marriages, which seems absurd.

  2. If agreed on it was a vote, but if not agreed on it was just a referendum. Well now it's legal, next step…make it compulsory. Australia may not call itself a Muslim nation, but it can no longer call itself a Christian nation. I heat Australia is going to have twin cities…Sodom & Gomorrah.

  3. Another socialist led attack on traditional families and Christianity (The basis of democracy). Marriage is designed for the succesful uniting of man and woman and upbringing of children. The idea that two gay men may marry and adopt a boy makes me physically sick as it should anyone with any morality

  4. Unfortunately the government spent something like $120 million on this non binding, non compulsory postal survey that could have been used for the health care system or education system.

  5. divorce and family courts want to thank voters………we need all the financial support we can get……….Name one reason to get married……..just one. Divorce is going to decimate you blokes, proof again that history is wasted on the present.

  6. So sad that people get to vote on this! Aussies could care less about sexuality so it kind of stinks that the government forced to them to vote for something they knew wasn't their business anyway. Gay was never a thing to Aussies, they just had dumb governments.

  7. Today you legislate gay marriage, tomorrow they will legislate polygamy, and then people would be allowed to marry animals. the world is going crazy

  8. Ancient history now, but it wasn't a referendum, it was a non-compulsory (in Australia voting is compulsory) "postal survey" because the government didn't have the numbers to force a plebiscite, due to the opposition fearing the debate would create a toxic environment against gay people‚Äč. All it would have required would have been a vote in Parliament. So we just wasted $122m on a result everyone knew would occur

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