Australia's only town against same sex marriage

Australia's only town against same sex marriage

The Queensland electorate of Maranoa is rural, conservative and the only region where pollsters say a majority of people are against same sex marriage. Patrick …



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  1. im with the people of maranoa marriage is not between 2 men or 2 women so stop trying to ram your lifestyle down our throats you dont accept our god our faith or our hetrosexuality so dont try to make us accept yours.

  2. The issue has NOTHING to do with "fear & hate" – but instead has EVERYTHING to do with RIGHT verses WRONG – the Bible CLEARLY teaches that sodomy is a SIN – and that marriage is ONLY between a man and a woman. Let's remember that Jesus Christ said LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR – not love their SIN.

  3. We had the same arguments against SSM here in America. Now that it's been legalized the only thing that's changed is there are more married same-sex couples. 😃

  4. To avoid confusion, I would prefer the term 'marriage' not be utilised outside of a male/female union. The term 'garriage' would be more appropriate. Folks who are garried would then have the right to a gavorce should the relationship sour.

  5. No such thing as same sex marriage!

    Genesis 2:24New International Version (NIV)
    24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

    Two people of the same sex do not produce children, their DNA does not MARRY together and become one flesh i.e. produce a child.

    2 people who are married in other Bible verses are called to be fruitful and multiply again dismissing same sex marriages because they can not produce children between each other i.e. they do not marry together.

    Christians have been duped so long into believing that a man and woman committed to each other in a sexual relationship is a marriage and by that misunderstanding of Christians, same sex couples claim theirs is also a marriage.

    Truth is if your marriage has not produced children then you have never been married. It is ridiculous to call something a marriage that has no possibility of ever bring forth children.

    Amazing how confused people have become as they no longer even know what gender they are but it is a sign of how far they are away from God and how close to the demonic voices they are which are telling them what they are not.

    Any Christian that supports same sex marriages are just as confused as those same sex couples that want to call what they have a marriage and are insulting what marriages are.

  6. …very interesting to watch as an American living in the very open minded city of Washington. I wish Dave the best of luck! I hope Australia will have same sex marriage soon

  7. Come on Australia. Vote NO to homosexuals marrying. Voting NO means rejecting political correctness. It means rejecting a small minority dictating to the majority how society is to be shaped and whether aspects of our culture our worth preserving. The gay lobby and their supporters mock and harass anyone who is against them. They use hate speech, shouting down anyone with an opposing view. Their arguments are false and misleading… for instance this is not about equality or human rights. Marriage is not a human right. It' about allowing children to have a mother and a father, its about preserving our culture, its about free speech against people who seek to shut down opposing views. Vote NO and show the Socialists, the bigots, the Greens and the wealthy gay lobby groups that they are wrong to yell, shout, mock and harass ordinary Aussies who want to preserve their culture.

  8. Yeh, disagree & we will label you with some pseudo-pyscho babel – homophobic, like that is an actual psychological issue??!! Simple, marriage – two complimentary genders, only means to conceive children – sorry! If you cant stand criticism or questioning then stay out of the kitchen, but I am not going to change my opinion just to massage your inadequacies, not about respect, about a grab for acceptance in the guise of social engineering. Not about equality, about attempting to promulgate homosexual relationships as the same as heterosexual, never going to be!!!

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