“Bad Boy” Introduces Hunky Delivery Boy in Latest Episode

Out funnyman Artie O’Daly continues his Bad Boy web series and introduces another boy for us to gush over—this one is really good at lifting things.

In the hilarious episode, Scott, also known as Daddy Scott (played by O’Daly), is an aspiring screenwriter working on a film with his agent when he gets a food delivery by a hunky red head.

If you’re just getting put on to the Bad Boy series, here’s a recap:

In its first episode, Mack, or “Bad Boy,” (Tony Harth) comes to take Scott’s (Artie O’Daly) daughter on a date. In episode two, Mack returns to fix Scott’s sink—and confesses something he’s been holding inside since they met. In the third episode, “Bad Boy” gets Scott, who he lovingly refers to as “Daddy Scott” to pretend to be his actual dad when a probation officer (Alina Bock) comes for a check-in. In episode four, Scott learns Mack loves Gilmore Girls and coordinates a surprise meet-and-greet with actress Vanessa Marano (who played the unlikable April Nardini)—but it doesn’t go as he planned. In the fifth clip, Daddy Scott joins Mack’s mom (Theresa Ryan) and brother BJ (Braden Davis) for Christmas dinner and discovers why Mack is…well…the way he is.

In the fifth installment, BJ is officially the new “Bad Boy” after Harth dropped because of didn’t want to play gay anymore and he needs Daddy Scott’s help in determining if he’s starring in a porno or not.

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