32 Comments on “Beef Ban & Gay Rights: Standup Comedy by Sorabh Pant”

  1. Human life is not about eat n live… Its about live without eating, respiring, sensing etc. And the numbness is only possible by practicing YOG to unlock that type of hidden potential! …

    I know it's weird but… SAINTS OF BHARATVARSHA were totally something else … And beyond the IQ of modern humans!

    I appreciate the stand-up comedy as well as the artists but EATING HABITS cannot be understood by the modern so-called scientists n artist stands no chance!

    I'm also sorry for being rude but modern humans are lacking the basic Knowledge to live this life!

    Think this life as the gift to you not as your right.

    The feel of hunger, anxiety, pain, relief, satisfaction, irritation etc. All lies with this physical body… We don't even know whether this physical body is real or imaginary!
    ("Vasansi jirvani yatha vihaay,
    Navani grihani naroprani |

    Tatha shareerani vihaay jirvanya,
    Nyani samyaati navani dehi ||" (Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta)

    We were born only because somewhere, someone died!

    Please, don't hurt at least those whose pain is audible to our ears!

  2. Arre madarchod pehle hindustani ban… sourab you are so fucking irritating idiot… you fucking morons doesn’t know india and its culture which largely alive in rural india…

    Dear motherfucker, India has most number of tigers in the world.

    Your English is my foot and you people are products of Britishers. I’m sure your grandmothers handed over their virginity to britishers. That’s when you fucking products are released to society.

    Instead of ranting on the fucking stage infront of motherfucking audience, start watching sadhguru. Hopefully you will get the answer for your low iq question of plants having life and feeling pain.

    I believe I have good knowledge of English than you moron and im still an indian.

    Want like ??? sochna bhi mat, subscribe???? Teri m**

    Weird but this is how I do comedy although it’s not effective as yours….

  3. traditional is not a yardstick of morality, in some traditions it is ok to treat women as property, would you consider that moral .
    killing an innocent one who does not wish to die is not moral ,taking life is not moral ,
    watch and educate yourself. #dominionmovement

  4. Now I'm judging you, douche, you really never had a thing called TARRI POHA. Damn, the last thing we VIDARBHIs do on nightout is to eat TARRI POHA and then come home and go to sleep. Now be a usual judgemental asshole. And i'm NAGPURI.

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