26 Comments on “Being LGBT in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan”

  1. "It is against islam to judge people and discriminate people"
    But it is also against islam to have homosexual sex. Islam is the reason that pakistan was created but we have gone far away from it. There is very little islam left here only extremes are prevailing

  2. So being gay is bad but torturing another human being is totally fine?????? What fucked up people are those. Why that first person in the video said made my stomach sick.

  3. The man during the 1st 1 minute & 50 seconds speaks Truth and the rest of the Video shows why.

    These are sick, sick perverts whose filthy lifestyle dominates all they think, say and do. They're sole raison d'ètre is to corrupt some innocent, straight and make him like himself:


  4. Ugh, religions were created because people didnt understand why the sun came up every morning. Well know we know. Can we just leave religion in the dark ages where it belongs?

  5. no we are muslims we dont want these type of disgusting things.
    imagine your son grow up being gay ? fck that shit ..
    All the religions say homosexuality is a sin. not only islam !

  6. Chills !
    The video where the poor young guy was caught in the act. Ignorant and moral men trying to insert a tree branch in his anal area ? Are you serious ?

    Who is a pervert here ? Disgusting and Disturbing, where people cannot understand that these people are born this way and its NOT a choice !

    What a shame that a moral man is advocating throwing gays from the top of the building ! Shame.

  7. I always wondering! Why if something bad happened to a country.. people will relate the situation with LGBT community? Like seriously.. so the god is ok with adulatory, Slavery n etc to not sending natural disasters but not for LGBT community … Hahaha

  8. I'm a Pakistani and guys leme assure you certain things portrayed n in the documentary do seem stupid to me too.the sex workers for instance I'm ashamed of how proudly they were blabbering about their "jobs".yes we do support the LGBTQ community and are against anyone whod be disrespecting them just bc of ones sexuality but about what those sex workers were doing,I personally dont like their "job"and am against their work. they cant just justify "picking up little boys and girls from public spaces" and use them,for their own sexual needs and wont be asked about it just because they're trans.no that is not right and acceptable,whatsoever

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