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  1. gay people choose what they want it's simple. keep sex in the bedroom where it belongs. thousand of generations of non gay men that they descend from says otherwise. it's not genetic

  2. Isn't this the guy who was a doctor or scientist or some shit? I mean damn. How on Earth can that be possible if he came up with such a stupid analogy as guys in jail getting frisky. That's like saying well it's sunny in LA so it must be sunny EVERY WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD.

  3. Did he just say when people go to prison their straight and when they come out their gay?!?!!! Ben Carson you REALLY need to have several f'n seats okay, lol not every gay person went to prison you dumbass.I have relatives and friends who are gay and we had discussions about the LGBT community and everyone I talked to said why on Earth would I choose to be gay???No one chooses to be gay.A friend said if I could save myself the heartache and pain of being gay bashed and feeling guilty or depressed for being who they are then they would change in a heartbeat but they can't.so for your stupid ass to say that especially on TV is absolutely awful.Trust and believe there are members of your family and friends who are attracted to the same sex not because they choose to be but because they was born that way but have to hide it because people like you say what you say which makes them scared and depressed to come out as gay.So they live their lives unhappy and sad because they can't be who they really are.I wasn't raised like you.Very closed minded.My family has morals and values just like yours.We also are a religious family and we read the bible and go to church.You have to remember the bible is written by man,flesh of my flesh.Which means things have been added to the bible by individuals far after Christ.You will never get the full unedited version of the bible. My parents taught me to have a open mind and never judge which is why I have straight and gay friends.Who i love and respect.You miss out knowing great people when you think the way you do.To the people in this comment section please don't listen to Ben Carson and let him make you feel bad for being yourself.Also please don't raise your children to be closed minded because as they grow into adults you wouldn't want them to miss out on meeting great people gay and straight.You don't have to agree with Homosexuality but you have to respect them just like you would want then to respect you.Dont continue the cycle of negativity.Im sorry I wrote a damn essay but I really don't understand people like Ben Carson or Racists or Bully's and your comments bothered me.Im a straight man who is VERY secure with my sexuality to where I can be a friend to openly gay individuals.Whay you said was boneheaded like you said but you meant it.Gay people are human beings too so they should get the same rights as a human do straight or gay.They have a right to be too.

  4. Bible was written be human, no matter how inspired it is. Jesus loves you not because of your physical aspect. True Love does not reject whether you are man or woman. The man or woman that you see physically does not mean he or she is man or woman in his/her heart, feeling, and emotion. Do not judge the book by its cover, as the Bible said, because what the cover is not the one you thought and you prejudged. If marriage is for procreation, why then God allowed marriage for those people who cannot bare a child. Do not be so hypocrite, What ever you do with your partner in life behind closed door and private moment is to be respected as such. Marriage if for everyone who wishes for it. That is Jesus. Explain.

  5. Leave the rainbow out of this movement, don t use t for your symbol, its already taken, GODS promise to us not to flood the earth again, wow HE delivers, we get rainbows don t we, I am totally offended by the use of the rainbow by this movement, use a fucking unicorn, anything, hands off the rainbow.

  6. You’re not born gay or lesbian it is a chose! So all these people mean to tell me that they remember when they were 2 years old they started having crushes on a person of the same sex? No, you probably caught your feelings in your early teens going thru puberty.

  7. Ben Carson is loopy as it gets. “People go into prison straight and come out Gay.”
    That’s really not how things go pinhead. Nobody is changed into a Gay man or woman by virtue of a stay in prison.
    Where’d this guy get his doctorate? A box of Captain Crunch?
    That man isn’t controversial. He’s just an idiot.

  8. People can’t choose their color… they CAN choose whether or not they want to sword fight or rug munch each other.

  9. I love women, even though I don't understand them sometimes! I am happily married, but sometimes I see attractive women and I desire being with them. It's in my nature as a male, I feel an urge from inside. I know I would really enjoy being with more women, but I don't do it because I know it's wrong! How would people view me if a gather a punch of Men who think,and feel the same way, and we go around in parades and marches demanding people that they should accept us just how we are? And anyone that doesn't accept are way is discriminating us! What would happen if we start demanding laws that supoort our male nature?

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