36 Comments on “Ben Shapiro on Gay Marriage, Gun Control, and Piers Morgan”

  1. Thank you for giving us long form debates that have a chance to be nuanced and subtle. Everyone who watched this, and really listened to it, is more wise and better off.

  2. Dave and Ben, maybe government , especially in California should be out of business. for example Check Out : Lori Colley, "REVERSING BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER" "CENSORING TOO. " FIRES IN CALIFORNIA ARE BURNING RIGHT IN THE PATH OF WHERE BULLET TRAIN IS PROPOSED TO RUN??????????

  3. Im not for Homsexual marrige i believe the Bible. But this Dave man is a rational liberal if they were like Him . the country would be in better shape.

  4. These are two intelligent individuals who just like to talk about educated and factual opinions and you can tell they enjoy talking to each other because they aren't so one-sided and are open to hearing the other point of view. I believe that's how any relationship should be, even if you are opposites

  5. Ah, Ben Sharpio. The face of frustrated, uncomprehending libertarians. He seems to think talking really fast makes his ridiculous rhetoric less so. It doesn't.

  6. I’m republican and what I think is gay people deserve the right to marry but churches or mosques or other religious groups or buildings have the right to decline marrying you

  7. Ben brings up a good point why did we have to wait for the government to legalize gay marriage why couldn’t they do it themselves
    And why do they get involved wit h marriage with tax increase and tax whatever when you get a kid

  8. Gay marriage is part of a communest plot to take over America. Just like Jerry Brown made a law that allow communest to serve in state government. All these laws are met to destroy America.All those shootings were false flags to try to take our Gunn's.Every one has a right to pretext them selves.

  9. I was so elated to hear Dave mention the drugs and how people
    who do mass shootings are found to be on one of these mind altering
    drugs for the mentally ill. I would like to see a chart listing the
    number of shootings before and after the deinstitutionalization
    of the mentally ill and the closings of the mental hospitals.

  10. Most Indians are virgins at the time of marriage.. But now many Indian youth are getting their interpretations of the Western society wrong and are debating on virginity until marriage.. It's much safer by all means to stay virgin until marriage. Then losing virginity has a value to it.. And families tend to be much more stabler

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