37 Comments on “Ben Shapiro Treatens Beto O'Rourke With Violence”

  1. Straw man tactics with slippery slope…None of you all are seeing that what he is saying is total BS…if you all were truly educated in the way he is manipulating you, then he would lose listeners…

  2. This situation is so exaggerated…it would never happen, but mentally ill Shapiro, once again, has to do this for attention…You all want violence to justify your own hatred and ignorance…you all remind me of a middle school bully!!!

  3. As cenk says “google it” he should teach this degenerate lady the word incel because it clearly doesn’t apply to a man with 2 kids and a wife. This just proves how idiotic these uneducated TYT members are and no words should be believed that come out of there flapping jaws

  4. I do not like Ben Shapiro, I have heard him claim to be center right in the past, which is nonsense. he is clearly on the far right. He it angry, and like many on the far right, very sensitive while pretending he is not. and I certainly do not consider him the sophisticated thinker that his supporters claim him to be. However, Shapiro clearly did not say what this video is suggesting he said. He did not just blankly threaten violence to people. there is a context to what he was saying, that was very easy to follow. Shapiro's video was not a very wise one, It just goes to stir up fear, anger and hate. But by misrepresenting what he said, you only end up doing the same thing.

  5. You stupid TYT twits, this is the main purpose of the 2nd Amendment. I would use "MY" gun too if it got to the point that you damn dumbass loony leftists want !

  6. Cenkie Boy is a total liar. Ben has never said any of the BS that Cenkie Boy regurgitated. Ben and most republicans want the government not to tell us what to do. Expressing your believe about something and wanting government to enforce such believe are two different things. The sad thing here is that there are actually some low IQ, uneducated people that believe the schitt that Cenkie Boy and the TYT twits are spewing.

  7. Threatening to start gunning down people. LOL TYT. You have hit a low in journalism here. Do you think your viewers are than ignorant that they cannot understand Shapiro's argument from the clip you showed? Maybe Shapiro was taking Beto's comments too far but clearly you are really taking Shapiro's comments way, way too far. He basically said if the government tries to take his kid and take away his religious and other 1st amendment rights then he would have to take up arms or move somewhere else. That is George Washngton and our founding fathers did (although there was no Constitution when they did it). But they went to war because they were taxed without representation. Many who came to the country left their countries so they could have religious freedom. LOL TYT

  8. Its hilarious to see all the Republicans trying to cry "ben just doesn't want his 1st amendment rights taken away" as you cry about people like kappernick kneeling. The irony is amazing

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