38 Comments on “Bernie Sanders Draws Distinction On Gay Rights | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. Even for back in those days, Dornan was like a cave man. He was really really really right wing.
    BTW, contrary to the remarks above, Bernie is not a Democrat. He's independent.

  2. We love you Bernie!!
    We have to stand with him now, in 2019 as our Democratic nominee! Even if he doesn't run, we have to make sure his momentum is able to lead STRONGLY into his endorsee!

  3. I had no idea Rachel Maddow was strongly pro-Bernie until now 👊🏻 ✊🏻 I mistook her for a pro-corporate Democrat but she is her own person in her views. I respect that.

  4. Rachel Maddow is a TRAITOR to Progressives. She has done NOTHING but carp on Trump, PROMOTE WAR, and shill for her corporate overlords.
    She's an example of what is WRONG with Establishment MSM Talking Heads.

  5. He got old and unlike other politicians that the older (richer) they get the more they separate from average people bernie is always ahead of his time. He even was talking about the government getting involved in AI because many jobs will be replaced by AI and it will create chaos…

  6. There is a big different between Bernie and Clinton what is she talking about? The Clintons are corporate tools, Bernie has always backed the people that elect him not rich corporations that want to use the government to enrich themselves,change policies that benefits them, get tax cuts, want wars or banks, wallstreet, oil companies…

  7. Because Clinton is a shape shifter. She takes the shape of the candidate preffered by the people she is in a room with no matter how widely different their views are… she has no positions..

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