22 Comments on “Bernie Sanders Fiercely Fights Homophobia on the House Floor | NowThis”

  1. Isn’t Duke Cunningham the guy who went to prison for the Abramoff bribery scandal? Typical conservative. Just proves Bernie is on the right side of history.

  2. Peace be upon you, as a human who has a good natures, you necessary to listen to me, I just want to say that:-
    1. Religion is about Peace and Mercy of God.
    2. Either we're good person or we're the type of a person who put a barriers, why should there need to be a barriers to loves between one another.
    3. Nobody should ever feel belittled for whoever they love.
    4. a) Do you believe in God? Yes. And if God didn’t want them this way, He wouldn’t have made them this way. Correct!
    4. b) God have made and want you this way, because He love you. So, you will get closer and come close to God. That's why you have to learn and understand the hidden message of God.

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