Berserk man attacks strangers outside a gay bar until police haul him away still screaming slurs


Billy Jack Kroneman

Billy Jack KronemanPhoto: Dane County Jail

Billy Jack Kroneman was arrested in Madison, Wisconsin after a string of attacks on strangers in an LGBTQ-friendly area of the city. He was arrested on scene, still screaming slurs at patrons of nearby bars.

Kroneman had reportedly been in the area yelling anti-gay insults at passersby earlier in the evening and was escorted away from the businesses by some of the victims. But when he returned, police say, he was looking for a fight.

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Shouting homophobic slurs, Kroneman returned to the bars where he punched one man repeatedly in the face, shoved a woman, and left another man with injuries to his knee, elbow, and hand. The man had attempted to intervene.

Kroneman was tentatively charged with battery and disorderly conduct with a hate crime enhancement.


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