45 Comments on “Beto O’Rourke pledges to penalize churches that oppose gay ‘marriage’”

  1. Says it all. Dems will say anything to get elected. Government should leave the church alone. It’s supposed to protect our religious freedom not invade it. The Christian religion doesn’t believe in gay marriage. It’s not discrimination, it’s their fundamental belief. ( Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve) just like Muslims don’t really accept gay people. What are you gonna do Beto? Dems have gone crazy!

  2. Beto's taking on inauthentic characteristics because he feels pressured to be what he's not, or believes it will help increase his chances – Every coin has two sides

  3. Authoritarians , He speaks exactly like all Dems think . Ill give him credit for outing the Dems on the policies they want, Churches sold out because of tax breaks,,,, The bible is clear, God hasn't changed his mind, To think other wise is foolish

  4. First thing Hitler did when being voted into power was demand churches preach what he wanted. Democrats hate the Christian Church. In Houston, the mayor demanded copies of sermons, in Idaho, christian chapels were sued by democrat Attorney Generals, old ladies sued for not wanting to service, what the Bible calls an abomination. Face it. Democrats are now the fascist. Remember France fell because the left sided with Hitler and refused to fight. Lillian Hellman tried to join the a Fascist party in Berlin but was found to be part Jew, so she became communist. Mussolini and Sir Oswalt Mosley were members of communist and leftist parties before WWII, and Hitler and Stalin were allies until 1941. The church is the first victim of Communist, Leftist, Athiest, and Democrats. O'Rourke is a communist/fascist at heart.

  5. White man speak with forked tougnue. Take my guns? Now attack churches? He.s a crowd pleaser, say things for votes. We be fighting terrorism in South Dakota sinse 1492

  6. Why stop at just Christian churches, would be intersting to see him penalise mosques that oppse gay marriage. Wonder which tribe will win LGBT or Muslims?

  7. Thank you Beto. Or should I say "Minion of Lucifer?" This man actively fights against the Constitution of the U.S. and its Amendments. Another evil bird flying around. Separation of Church and State is EXACTLY why there is a separation, because of this very Ideal. The forefathers saw this crap coming down the pike. The Dems won't be happy until we are all rubbing their feet and serving their drinks.

  8. Beno The Bozo O'Rourke you said at the debate we got to have our diplomats protect us and show our intimidation towards other countries. Tell me what your Democrats did to protect our guys at Benghazi

  9. The government trying to control my speech and my rights to make me believe what they want. Our country was founded on religious freedom and Robert Francis wants to eliminate that what a piece of $…!

  10. Beto O'Rourke is an intolerant bigot, and an ignorant person that fails to understand basic logic. Disagreement on an arbitrary social contract is no grounds for tax penalization.

  11. Hey Beto do you not know that ministers and Priests do not pay taxes you are an idiot do you know how stupid that sounds about taking tax rebates away from the church they don't have to pay taxes you're an idiot can you just completely screwed yourself out of an election.

  12. I don't care which man licks the other man's dirt hole, their problem. But you want to marry in a church, why not marry in a church of your own making, where you can have a gay priest, gay and lesbian best maids & best man, 100% gay crowd & rainbow flags all over, JUST LEAVE THE REST OF US THE HELL ALONE!!! We don't hate or wish harm on anyone, but we also like to keep our traditions the way they have been, you can't shove these things down our throats. Like others mentioned before me, can you demand the same from a mosque or a synagogue? HELL NO, so screw you beto.

  13. Do people realize that the first things dictators do are 1. Shut down and control the media and suppress free speech 2. Take the guns 3. Shut down religious institutions?

  14. "Reward"? "Benefit?" "Tax break?" This is simply a category error on Beto's part. Aside from the inarguable fact that religious institutions benefit society, the are not-for-profit organizations. What is the philosophical basis for taxing NFPs? This is absurd. Their "income" is from member donations that have already been taxed.

  15. Look you have a free will to be gay sure but we as the church have a right to our opinion as well as you do we have 2 opposing beliefs but this is a travesty it would be like us getting the right to ban any gay march or seclude them from parades or even being in an open forum to voice their beliefs and convictions so leave our churches alone you know what we believe if you choose to go in to be denied that's on you like anyone of color going into a KKK rally we know their beliefs and convictions so we don't set foot in there to prevent us getting hurt you won't get physically hurt but your feelings might in a church but it's time to let the church stand as it is and accept rejection like we do when we go to witness and a door is slammed in our face or be called a Holy Roller and mocked in front of our own families but we knew we were subject to it so please America grow up learn not everyone will accept your ways thoughts or beliefs especially this reincarnation of Hitler all his way or be persecuted is what hes saying so so wrong the church has a right to its opinion just as well as the gays do

  16. Beto hopes he can find enough support among the dissidents to gain a following.
    What he doesn't see is that even the dissidents find him undesirable.
    Beto = radical, total IDIOT !!!

  17. I am a an atheist, an immigrant, a liberal and a supporter of LGBT community but this idea is ridiculous and unconstitutional. People have the right to hold whatever beliefs they want. Penalizing them through taxation for not performing a certain ceremony is a dangerous fucking idea.

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