Bible Warned That ‘Transgender Black Marxists’ Would Elect Biden, Destroy US


Far-right religious extremist and former Minnesota GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann proclaimed that the Black Lives Matter movement, coupled with the recent unrest on the streets, was prophesied in the bible as events designed to destabilize the U.S. and usher in a Joe Biden presidency, reports Right Wing Watch.

Bachmann, whose husband is a “counselor” with ties to the ex-gay industry, told televangelist Kenneth Copeland that Black transgender Marxists want to start a Communist revolution so they can hold meetings in Switzerland to bring about a global currency and “have the US economy collapse.”

“Just like Black Lives Matter, this is not a new movement either. On their website, these are transgender Marxists, transgender Black Marxists who are seeking the overthrow the United States and the dissolution of the traditional family,” Bachmann told Copeland.

“This is exactly what a Communist revolution looks like. They think they’re going to do it by electing Joe Biden.”

“And then once Joe Biden is elected, they think that these Davos, Switzerland, meetings that go on, they think that what they’re going to do is have the US economy collapse, move to a digital currency globally, and then we move into a global-type government,” she continued.

“I mean, it’s bizarre, but this is their goal. For people who know their Bible, this is exactly what the prophets told us. So, we stand on the word of God, the Bible, and we say, ‘Satan, flee, we’re going to stand on the truth of God’.”

“And so that’s why now more than ever, between now and the election,” she concluded, “what we need to do is pray and cry out to Almighty God and ask for his protection over America and to speak in this election.”

Michele Bachmann Says Biden Will Collapse the U.S. Economy and Impose Communism from Right Wing Watch on Vimeo.

Bachmann – who was a citizen of Switzerland as well as the U.S. and claims to have withdrawn her Swiss citizenship – has previously claimed that Donald Trump is the most “biblical” president America will ever have.


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