Billie Lourd Will Play Bobbi Adler’s Granddaughter on “Will & Grace”


The Adler family tree is growing.

The final season of the Will & Grace revival is currently filming, and it has been announced that American Horror Story star Billie Lourd—Carrie Fisher’s daughter and Debbie Reynolds’ granddaughter—is joining the cast to play Bobbi Adler’s granddaughter Fiona.

Bobbi, of course, was brought to life by Reynolds in the original run of the NBC series, which aired for eight seasons from 1998 to 2006.

“The episode is especially meaningful because of Billie’s relationship to the show,” Will & Grace co-creator and executive producer Max Mutchnick told Deadline. “We’re thrilled to have Billie. And best of all—she’s really good.”

If you’re confused, Lourd will not play Grace’s daughter, instead playing the offspring of Grace’s older sister, played by Mary McCormack. In one episode, which is being filmed on September 25, Fiona reconnects with her “cool aunt” Grace.

Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU

Ryan Phillippe, Demi Lovato, and Matt Bomer are among the other celebs confirmed to be making guest appearances in the third season of the revival, which is truly going out with a star-studded bang.

The final 18-episode season of Will & Grace will premiere next year on NBC.

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