Brave Trans Girl Hit With Death Threats After Shaming Lawmakers For ‘Attacking’ Her Rights


Kai Shappley, a fourth-grader who recently delivered a powerful testimony to the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee shaming them for attacking her as a transgender girl with pending legislation, has been inundated with death threats after speaking out, her mother has said.

Shappley passionately spoke before Texas lawmakers on 12 April against a bill that would effectively ban gender-affirming care.

She told the committee that she was tired of lawmakers “attacking” her identity and she doesn’t like “spending my free time asking adults to make good choices”.

In her testimony, Kai Shappley told the committee: “Texas legislators have been attacking me since Pre-K. I am in fourth grade now.”

Shappley also argued that God “made her” and “loves her” for who she is, and “God does not make mistakes”.

In a tweet on Tuesday (April 20), Kai’s mother, Kimberly Shappley, shared that she had forbidden her daughter from using any social media accounts because she had been receiving threats.

“The messages and comments directed at a 10 year old have been horrifying,” Kimberly Shappley wrote on her daughter’s Twitter. “Most recently, ‘dumb idiot get murdered you disgusting little brat’ on her YouTube channel.”

The vile messages sent to a young trans girl came after another person who testified before the Texas legislature shared that she had also been getting death threats.

Amber Briggle, who is the mom of a trans son, said she and her family had also received death threats because of her testimony.

She said in series of tweets on Tuesday (April 20) that she had filed a police report over “threatening voice messages listing all the ways I should kill myself”. Briggle said she was “mad” at the threats because, even though it was a “rando” who most likely called her, “state legislators were the ones who lit the match”.

“I’m mad because the people who were elected to keep us safe and protected here in Texas are the same people who are putting my family in danger,” she wrote.

She said the Texas legislature “launched the attack” and “their goons couldn’t wait to strike.” Briggle implored others in Texas to “remember their names the next time you vote and send them the f**k home.”

She also shared that “two reporters” had texted her to “apologize if their articles exposed me to danger”, but she said the issues needed to be talked about more.

“We actually need MORE amplification to #ProtectTransKids, not less. Keep shining a light on this,” Briggle wrote.

Many people responded to the horrible messages by sending their love and support through Twitter.


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