California Pro-Trump Supporters Tell Black Protester All Lives Matter ‘But Not Gays’


An exchange between racial justice protesters and a group of Trump supporters has gone viral after a man in the group declared that “All lives matter” except for gay lives.

“All lives matter — you mean, Black Lives Matter?” a Black protester can be heard asking one of the counter-protesters holding an “All Lives Matter” sign outside of the Santa Ana, California, Board of Supervisors building.

“All lives matter,” a counter-protester responds.

“Who’s all lives?” the protester presses.

“Everybody,” the counter-protester says.

“So gays, lesbians, transgenders, all of them?” the protester asks.

“No,” the counter-protester says. “Not gays.”

All Live Matters supporters say all lives matter except for those apart of the LGBT+ community from r/PublicFreakout

Tik Tok users blasted the homophobic Trump supporter for putting his bigotry on full display.

“All lives matter *some restrictions apply*,” wrote one Tik Tok user.

“All lives matter but not ALL lives u know? conservative logic🙈,” wrote another.


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