Can You Be FORCED to Make a Gay Wedding Cake?

Can You Be FORCED to Make a Gay Wedding Cake?

The Supreme Court has made a controversial ruling over the case of a Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. Can you have …



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  1. A few years ago they listed homosexuality as a type of insanity now these people was able to erase that from the list through their influence to psychologists.

  2. Clearly the Christian baker would bake for gay people as long as it’s not about celebrating their weddings/gayness. So the baker wasn’t against gay people. He wasn’t participated in their gay going. And that’s not wrong with the Colorado law.

  3. As an ex-Catholic who is now (sorta) engaged to another man, this is a difficult one for me.

    To be perfectly honest, however, I don't doubt that Mr. Phillips' reasoning was genuinely derived from his religion. Back in the day, my understanding of canon law would have compelled the same out of me. I would genuinely have been concerned that baking the cake would be aiding and abetting in such a way that it might even be a mortal sin. If so, it would send me to Hell.

    Kinda nasty forces we are messing around with here. This attitude that "homophobia comes first; religious beliefs rationalize later" is rather dangerous, as well as it is insulting to those of us who had to overcome a lot of fear to escape that brainwashing.

    Arbitrarily attributing human motives where religious ones are claimed narrows your understanding of the world and blinds you to what you are dealing with
    and to how much psychological tension you are creating when you go on these secular crusades. I don't know if I should regard it as unreasonably cruel to religious people or as excessively tolerant towards religious people. Probably both.

  4. I love when religious people take a stance like this. It just shows how unloving and intolerante they are, yet preach to being and doing the opposite. If Jesus were still alive he would be so embarrassed by people like this. However, as it is a privately owned company, he shouldn't be forced to do anything. I honestly wouldn't want to give my money to a store that discriminates against me, but some people have more time then things to do, so here we are.

  5. That’s ridiculous. Why the owner of goods or shops can’t decide who should they make deal with?

    If someone refuse to sell his goods to the black bed he don’t like them, then people should feel free to criticize him. However, that does not mean the government should intervene. After all, it’s ‘his’ goods, and he should have full authority to decide to whom would he sell them. And by doing so, he’ll lose business opportunities because he has less customers.

  6. When I engage in business, I just do my job and take care of the customer. If you think a business can pick and choose their customers are, you will run out of customers and you won't have a business. Personal opinion has no place in business.

  7. A muslim cake bakery isnt mandated… but a Christian is…. hmmmm why dont the lgbtptqrst demand the muslims to do the same….

  8. Everyone in the west now has ‘Rights’ even criminals are virtual lawyers.My (and your ) daughters have the right to walk through a park
    or back street at midnight …but would you let her, it’s her right and why can’t she.Well rights and reality are two different things.
    Common sense must prevail here.Use logic and go another safer way. Even if you have rights.In other words go elsewhere.

  9. The simple life is go somewhere else. If I want a cake with Christian symbols or for a USSR hammer and sickle?
    Wait swastika?
    Wow I bet the liberals pick one that is better.
    Rebel symbols
    Think how this works.i bet it works different for left leaning people huh?

  10. Waaaaa😭 waaaa😭 waaaa😭
    The gay man is crying because he didn't get his gay cake 🍰
    Waaaa 😭
    A gay cake does for a gay man like what spinach does to Popeye 💪🏻 the sailor-man

  11. Living in big cities all my life, I find it hard to believe there aren’t numerous bakeries to choose from. What’s so special about this one bakery?
    Having enjoyed the movie Like Water for Chocolate, I personally wouldn’t want to patronize a baker who might add any negative energy into something as special as a wedding cake.

  12. Wait a minute . . . In addition to Sodom and Gomorrah, doesn't the baker's bible (assuming he has one) also mention Noah and Ham?

  13. Can he not just refuse service since he is an independent owner of a private company? I hear of companies (like walmart) banning people just because of open carry of a firearm in their stores…

  14. I think the religious freedom claim is pretty week here.
    We're talking about legal marriage, not a religious one. Being legally married has nothing to do with being married in the eyes of God, that's why usually you have 2 different ceremonies with a priest and a notary.
    On the other hand I have no idea why this can make it to court, the government should have nothing to do with this. You can't, or at least shouldn't be able to, force someone to do a luxury service to someone else IN THEIR OWN BUSINESS (if you work at a hospital or sell essential food it's a different story ofc). And if you force that guy to make cakes for gay couples he'll just spit in them or worse anyways.

  15. It is his cake store. Yes, however he is doing business in a community that has rules about discrimination. If he don't want to make a gay cake he should of thought about that before he got in the business. Like the pharmacist that won't sell certain drugs. Seperation from church and state. Or the cab driver that wouldnt carry alcohol. State laws trumps church laws.

  16. Go to another bakery, or go to the supreme court running agsinsed freedom of religion. How is that a tough choise? Them idiots trying to get famous do it in all the wrong ways.

  17. I am 100% in favor of gay marriage. I don't know why anyone would want to make marriage a contract with their government. The government should only look at people as individuals. Who thinks it makes sense to be like "I love you so much we gotta get the government in on this shit. We gotta get lawyers and judges involved in our love life"…. But as long as marriage is a government institution that confers benefits to married couples, all couples have a right to that benefit…. That said, we need to provide that same protection to the first amendment's protection of free exercise of religion and freedom of association. A private business should be free to choose who they do and do not contract with. That baker can't force you to get your wedding cake from him. Why do you have the right to force him to sell you that cake. Those seem perfectly equivalent. Find another baker .

  18. What really annoys me about this is the fact it wasn't these 2 guys coming in and asking for the cake. This was the result of a gay rights activist group getting in touch with bakeries around the state, asking them to make a gay cake. Not because they wanted a cake, they wanted to find people who objected and use this law to publicly shame people as bigots…. It reminds me of the people you will see who do 2nd amendment audits. You will not find someone more pro-2A than me. I'm a 2A absolutist. That said, I can't stand people who go out carrying the largest semi-auto sporting rifles they have, which is totally impracticable for self defense in public places and walk around specifically to find people who will freak out and when those freaked out people or the cops they call confront these guys they film the encounter to post online to shame people for disparaging their 2nd amendment right. I support their right to own those guns. I support their right to keep and carry it if there is a legitimate reason to use it for self defense. But going out of your way to find people that don't like guns to bitch about your 2A rights is a dick move. Same thing the gay wedding cake. That's the gay activist equivalent of a 2A activist's semi-auto sporting rifle

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