41 Comments on “Candidates Fight Gay Marriage With Hate, Fear & Sky God Nonsense”

  1. The ''no true scotman'' fallacy coming from Cenk is actually disappointing… that was a poor counter argument, i agree with your position but that ''no true american think this or that'' is a dumb fallacy

  2. You walk into a Subway. The guy in front of you orders a sub with onions. You hate onions! You komplain against their right to have onion on their subs. That is what hating gay marriage sounds like

  3. Christians are people who pretend to believe in ghosts and in magic. Atheists are people who admit that they don't. Since only idiots believe in ghosts and in magic, Christians could be considered idiots. Much more likely would be that they are simply liars.

  4. Literally stop making fun of religion. Don't like it, don't practice it. Also what Christian would move to an ISIS controlled area. They would be killed. Oh and saying gay marriage shouldn't be legal is freedom of speech. Making actual fun of religion is not ok. Plus we haven't had 44 religious presidents. Our current president isn't Christian. And since we're most likely getting a democrat next year, that's another non Christian president. You'll pay for your false words some day.

  5. Many of the comments and responses to this video say Republicans have again lost to civil rights, that Republicans are racists, etc. Has they overlooked Republicans tended to be against slavery, while the Democrats were for it. It was a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, who had the greatest impact abolishing slavery. Also, Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony, were Republicans. Where is it written that same-sex marriage is a civil right? How can people form an informed and intelligent and opinion about something if they are relying on fallacies, presumptions and other information that is not fact?

  6. Lgbt issues are different from racial issues because if you're gay or lesbian you ultimately made a choice to be one. All sexual activity is a choice. With race you are born a certain race. You are the race you were born as not the race you identify with. Btw abolitionists were actually Christian.

  7. Young Turks..help me fight the mind control/homosexual agenda that is ripping this nation apart by clicking my avatar watching the official movie trailer and posting on your
    social media. Thanks for helping protect our kids and saving America!

  8. That mind set that the young Turks have is why now we have that idiot trump in the White House. You want people to be accepting of gays, then at the same time your hypocrisy toward people's religious belief because your a non believer exactly why Dumb ass was voted in to power

  9. Ah, me, the innocent days of 2015, when people thought that simply denouncing the principles on which our Constitution was based, as Mike Huckabee did, would be enough to disqualify a candidate for the Republican nomination . . . .

  10. So is it OK for heterosexuals to fornicating, shacking up together without being married and having babies out of wedlock? Seems like christians are just cherry picking from the bible and ignoring sins of heterosexuals.

  11. Cenk, please stop saying all the presidents were Christians. They all were not Christian believers. If they were Christian believers, most of them if not all of them would be way different than they were, obviously. The founding fathers were deists. Also Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, and Taft, were not Christian believers. One person talking about Jimmy Carter, said that he was seen as an oddball by people, because they weren’t used to a president with deeply sincere religious beliefs. Presidents say they’re Christians for Christian votes. Also, they may mean cultural identity, not belief. Saying they were all Christians is both inaccurate and defaming.

  12. Hey fuckers, I am from 2019. With gay marriage came pedophiles, kids in drag and – guess what – California drowing in shit. Still tasting those conservatives tears? Didn' t think so.

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