32 Comments on “Celebrations as Taiwan becomes first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage”

  1. Now can Taiwan get membership of the world health organisation, or is China still bullying?
    Chose your allies carefully, democracies of this world.

  2. im so glad to see China (Republic of China) became the first country to legalized the same sex marriage in Asia. Republic of China was the first country founded with democracy constitution in East Asia. Now China is the most freedom country in east Asia. ROC and USA were allies during ww2, and I hope China and America can lead the world as the most democracy countries.

  3. citizens of taiwan through the referendum voted no on same-sex marriage, parliament says yes…parliament trumps peoples voice because yes it's a democracy. ?

  4. Please, independence has nothing to do with this law that only 30% supported. Keep us independent but the majority of us do not want this garbage in Taiwan. Thanks!

  5. Congratulation to free and democratic Taiwanese!As a Sichuanese,appreciate your successful in being a free,democratic,fair,great society and country!作為四川人真心羨慕台灣的自由民主!

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